Top 11 Features While Creating a Video Streaming App

Video Streaming App

As we all know, video streaming applications have gained popularity in recent years and have completely revolutionized the media landscape. With thousands of applications available worldwide, it has not only replaced conventional television shows with streaming apps, but it has also got people addicted to watching videos whenever and wherever they want. With each passing day, the popularity of video streaming application development grows, encouraging businesses to implement this concept and get a seat in the most thriving industry.

  • In 2021, the global market for video streaming applications earned a revenue of $72.2 billion, and by 2026, it is estimated to reach $115 billion.
  • In the US, Netflix is the most often used premium app, and YouTube is the most widely used free video streaming app.
  • Tencent Video is the most well-liked video streaming service in China, with over 900+ million customers.

These statistical findings show that video streaming has become a promising industry. These days, businesses want to build a video streaming app for training, one-on-one conversations, product launch, flash sales, events, demos, and other purposes. So, having a video streaming platform is a must to interact, attract, and engage a larger audience base without any geographical restrictions.  It aids in attracting more people’s attention, therefore providing your brand or business with much-needed exposure. A clear and audible live broadcast is more likely to elicit comments and likes from viewers and is more likely to be viewed all the way through.  No matter if you want to build a video streaming app, create a video streaming app for your business, or create a video streaming app for Android, ensure that you have included the must-have features in your video streaming app development. Therefore, what are the indispensable characteristics of a video streaming app? In the upcoming section, we will explore them one by one;

11 Must-Have Features of a Video Streaming App in 2023

Let’s take a look at some of the must-have features that should be considered before you create a video streaming app;

  • Live Streaming

You may be surprised to learn that 87% of viewers prefer live-streaming videos when they give more behind-the-scenes content than traditional television. Live streaming is the newest trend, and as the owner of a video streaming platform, you need to have this feature integrated so that you can interact with your audience by going live while covering live events, creating exclusive films, etc.

  • In-App Purchases

In the United States, around 38.4 million people use their smartphones or tablets to access Netflix. Therefore, it is no surprise that it is vital for your streaming service to have a mobile app. The key question is: Is your UI and UX engaging or not? in-app purchases are supported, too? In-app purchases on your app, however, have a far greater conversion rate and give users an immense level of convenience, something that the owners of streaming services are still not fully aware of.

  • Original Content

Why would people choose you when there are so many online video streaming options available? To put it simply, having engaging, original content in your library can help you connect with your audience.

  • Recommendation Engine

Did you know that Netflix’s recommendation engine influences 75% of what users watch? It not only saves Netflix millions in marketing content expenditures, but it also engages users on its platform by presenting their preferred content. As a result, your video streaming platform might advance with the help of a robust recommendation engine.

  • Customization Options

In this digital age, giving your customers greater control over the platform is the most vital thing. Some of the most common customization options that users want are:

  • Playback speed
  • Changing resolution
  • Personalized playlists
  • Smart recommendations
  • Parental Controls

Children are likely to have a significant portion of your real viewers. So, unless and until you’re creating a streaming app, particularly for children, the reach might be less. Also, you’re going to include stuff that isn’t suitable for all ages. As a result, parental restrictions are necessary. Parents can restrict what their children can view with this simple function.

  • Social Media Sharing

As social media is becoming one of the most common ways people connect online, your streaming app should have shareable content. Even if people are only sharing what they are viewing, this will still help create buzz for both your platform and the content itself. As a result, social media shareability is an excellent tool for growing and expanding your audience base.

  • Offline Mode/Local Storage

Allowing your users to save videos on their devices is an excellent option. As a result, regardless of network accessibility or quality, the user can download and watch their favorite videos whenever they want.

  • Better Security/Privacy

You’ll need to invest in high-level security methods to secure your customer’s privacy and data. It all begins with your preferred server. You’ll want one that is secure, stable, and flexible. You should also ensure that you have strong encryption standards, certifications, and security protocols in place. All of this is critical in protecting the data of your users from unexpected cyber attacks or data breaches.

  • Multi-Language Support

If you want to take your video streaming app worldwide, you should include multi-language support. Incorporating this feature will enhance the value of your platform and attract visitors globally. Like any other app, video streaming software’s features, size, and complexity impact its development costs. The precise video streaming app development cost will only be known after evaluating the time spent by the video streaming app builder or video streaming app developer.


With the increased demand for original video content online and on OTT platforms, video streaming applications have witnessed a significant increase in downloads. Therefore, a business that is planning to launch its own Video Streaming App on the App Store should be well-versed in the industry trends to stand out from the crowd.