Handy Tips for Social Media Marketing

Raymond Halliwell- Social Media Marketing

The world is evolving and it also revolves around social media. Social media is not only for catching up with our loved ones, for entertainment purposes, or for connecting with new people. It is also used for educational purposes and to market our products and services. Millions of people are on social media which makes it an excellent way to promote our business. It is up to business owners to know how to effectively do Social Media Marketing for their benefit.

According to Raymond Halliwell, a digital marketing expert, “I use my Facebook page with the username ‘Raymond Halliwell‘, to advertise myself as a freelance digital marketer. I am happy to say that I have more customers than when I was marketing myself offline. I was able to reach more customers within and outside Australia. These and many more are the numerous benefits of social media marketing.

Definition of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is also called e-marketing or digital marketing. It is the use of social media platforms to connect to your target audience to promote and advertise products and services. These platforms include; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more.

Tips for social platforms marketing

These are the tips shared by Raymond Halliwell who has been using social media for many years to promote his business.

Map out your goals and objectives

List out your plans and what you wish to achieve in your business with social media. Your social media expectations should be in line with your overall marketing endeavors.

Do Market Research to Learn and Connect with your Target Audience

You need to know your audience and potential customers to relate, communicate and engage with them. This will give you an insight into the customers’ wants and needs, and areas to improve on. You can do this by taking a survey, comments on blogs related to your business, and responses from existing customers.

Use the right digital marketing tools

The appropriate digital marketing tools make you efficiently maximize social platforms for your business. Ensure you employ the proper tools and techniques for your social pages. Examples are; Analytics (Google, Hootsuite), Graphics (Pixel lab, Canva, VSCO), Content Curation.

Carefully create content tailored for your audience

Make posts with relevant subjects that appeal to your target audience. Also, let it be short, concise, and full of information.

Use Pictures and Videos in Your Post

Videos and attractive images are fascinating to social media users. They make your posts to be interesting and attract extra likes, visits than text-only content.

Pay Attention to Trendsetters and Trends

Find out what is currently in vogue on social platforms through viral content, influencers, blogs, and many more.

Create Contest According to your Business Goals and Audience

Do giveaway competitions and sweepstakes to create awareness of your business platform. This will attract a wider audience and expose your page more.

Let Your Watchword be Quality not Quantity

It is quite nice to generate massive sales and profit but a dishonest thriving business will soon flop and collapse. Be honest, trustworthy and let your customers know that what you see is what you get. Provide the exact items you showcase on your Social Media to customers so that you can have repeat customers.

Have an automated social content Calder in place

Post consistently so that your followers or audience won’t forget about you.

Track Your Performance

This is very important to your business. As a student at the end of the term, there is a midterm assessment to determine the learning progress. It is also essential for you to monitor and track your platform traffic, visitors, and sales. This is to refine your business and make necessary changes.

A business owner should know how to use social media marketing to generate more sales and connect with your customers. This will not only increase your profit but will also build a connection between you and your potential customers.