9 Productive Ways to Spend your Time When You’re Stuck at Home

Mature senior older man during quarantine, realizing how important stay at home during virus outbreak

All of us are spending more time at home because almost anything else is restricted. Most countries in the world are fighting the pandemic and people are advised to stay home and practice social distancing. If you’re stuck at home most of your time, learn how you can time at home in a productive manner.

Get inspired by a podcast

It seems that almost every author, comedian, or public persona has a podcast nowadays. This is great because this means there’s something interesting for everyone. If you want to work on your personal development you can watch The School of Greatness podcast. In case you’re a fan of martial arts and comedy, you probably know that Joe Rogan has a great podcast. If not, we recommend you give The Joe Rogan Experience a try. 

Sort out old photographs

Going down memory lane is always fun and endearing. Photographs can take us back in time and help us relive old memories. So, take out those boxes with old photos and go through them. Try to remember the story behind each photo and write it down on a piece of paper.  This will help you save memory entirely.

Replant your indoor plants

Our indoor plants need some TLC once in a while. We love them because they make our homes look beautiful and warm. We should also replant them into fresh soil so the plants can thrive and get nutrients to grow. You can also change their pots and add a bit of novelty to your decor.

Find an online webinar

The beauty of living in the digital era is the amount of knowledge you can access daily. There’s a ton of online courses, webinars, and workshops, all you have to do is define your area of interest. There are free options and paid ones so make sure to find the right one for you and improve or learn something new.

Get lost in a book

Reading boosts our imagination, memory, cognitive skills, and it gives us some quality entertainment. Books are always better than the movies because you can direct the entire story in your mind as you read. You probably have a shelf full of books you never got the time to read. Nows your chance to grab a book and get lost in it.

Get creative

Being in touch with your creative side can help you solve problems faster, become less stressed and anxious. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment once you finish your piece of art. You can find an online tutorial on basic drawing or painting and make new paintings for your home. You can learn how to sew and find joy in creating pieces of clothing you can’t find in a mall. 

Start exercising at home

Physical activity is more important than ever, especially because we don’t get our daily walks to and from work. All of us move less than ever because we spend so much time at home. This only means that we should start exercising at home. There’s always room for a basic squat rack, weights, and other equipment you can get for efficient at-home workouts.

Learn to meditate

People who meditate swear by this technique to reduce stress, negative emotions, and be in tune with themselves. If you’re under a lot of stress just like any other person, it might be the time to start meditating. Now that you’re spending all this time at home, you can carve out 15 to 30 minutes every day and learn how to meditate. Find a tutorial online or pick an app, pick a cozy spot, and work on your well-being with a meditation practice.

Make a plan for 2021

We definitely live in uncertain times, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on your goals. Write down the list of things you accomplished in 2020. Follow this up with a list of goals you wish to achieve in the future. Compare these two lists to clarify the steps you need to take in 2021 to come closer to your main goals. Set a list of goals for the year ahead so you’ll know which steps will serve you and which won’t.

Being productive when you spend all of your time in your home might be quite a task. But, there are still ways to spend productive time at home and stop being bored all the time. These 9 tasks are ideal for times when you feel like doing something with intention and meaning.