Shower your Home with Love: 8 Ways to Instantly Improve a Boring Living Room

living room decor

Just like we buy something new to wear every once in a while, our living room decor needs sprucing up too. The best way to introduce something new to your wardrobe or home decor is by taking something old out. Otherwise, you will add something new and increase clutter. If you feel like biting something new for your home, it means that you’re bored with it. Before you start, read our tips so you’ll know how to update your boring living room without breaking the bank.

Tidy up and keep it that way

The first step to any home decoration project is to clear out the clutter. People are sentimental beings and we tend to cling to an object just because it was a gift or we bought it ages ago. But, clutter equals stress, which increases your negative emotions whenever you look at your living room. This might be the main issue of why you feel like your home looks boring. So, tidy up and keep it tidy so you’ll have a clear picture of what has to be changed.

Go bold with your accent wall

Accent walls can revamp the entire room in an instant. Pick a dark shade or just something bold that will emphasize details in your room and make everything look like brand new. Remember to match the color of your accent wall to the overall color palette in your home decor. You can paint one wall on your own, so turn this into a weekend DIY project.

Flowers enliven any space

Flowers and plants breathe life into any space. A room without books lacks the spirit, while a room without flowers seems lifeless. So, ask your friends to give you a recommendation or even a baby plant if their grown plants have some new growth. You can also use artificial flowers in your home decor to add more details. These look hyperrealistic so no one will notice that your centerpiece is made out of artificial blooms.

Jazz up a bland wall with art

When you pick wall art for your living room, this is your chance to personalize it to the max. The pieces you choose will show off your personality and make your home your personal space. You shouldn’t make haste decisions when buying wall art. Look for the pieces that fir well with your color palette and that will inspire your daily.

Update your window treatments

Your living room window needs some TLC as well. The right choice of fabric covering your windows contributes to the beauty of your home and also provides privacy and limits sun exposure. When you 

Marlow & Finch blinds will improve the aesthetics of your living room and upgrade your home in the best possible way. Window blinds can beautify your interior, while also improving the curb appeal of your home.

Replace old throw pillows

Throw pillows arranged in groups of three or five can be a very nice touch to a boring interior. But, what if the main reason behind your boring home decor are outdated throw pillows? We can conclude that throw pillows are another thing you can change and upgrade your home decor. Pick the colors that go well with the color of your accent wall to make the right impression.

Buy a new piece of furniture

One new piece of furniture can be just what your living room needs to look brand new. By now you’ve already made several alterations in your living room, so you’ll know how to pick that perfect piece of furniture. This missing piece of your living room puzzle will make your living room look a lot more interesting. Mixing two different styles of furniture is so 2020 so pick a new sofa or an armchair that is both comfortable and beautiful.

Be creative with your coffee table

If we look past the main purpose of a coffee table, you can use this space to create a centerpiece. Apply the rule of three when styling up your coffee table. This will preserve the main purpose of the table (to put away a remote control, book or a cup) and improve your decor. If you use a stylish tray to organize these three objects, you will use the available space wisely. You can combine a figurine, scented candle, and a tiny plant to achieve this rule of three.

Showering your home with love is easy when you know how to do it. This article outlines eight ways to instantly improve your boring living room so find your favorite ones and try them out.