How Granite And Quartz Can Revitalise Your Home

Quartz worktops

Both granite and quartz stones are versatile in their distinct way. From elegance to their characteristic appeal, these construction materials are perfect for adding a new dimension to a living space.

Having a home with dimensions is essential for homeowners to ensure that their space feels right. But by adding dimension to space doesn’t mean to fill it with decor pieces or furnishings. How would a room look when it’s filled with the stuff you want, but every item outlines the perimeter of a space lining up against the walls? Well, such a room would surely be lacking the right dimension.

To have the right dimension also doesn’t mean to have less stuff in a room. It merely means to have a blending element that ties the whole interior together. You can pick either a natural stone like granite or engineered stone like quartz to be the centrepiece of the living space. Or, choose a stone of your choice to add elegance and practicality to the interior.

While some homeowners admire the natural charm and ruggedness of granite, many prefer quartz worktops. The choice of the material depends on the homeowners. But here we’ll help you understand how you can add dimension to your abode using either of these materials. Here are some ways you can use granite or quartz worktops in London to spruce up your interior:

1. Living Room

Since granite can bear the impact of heat better than quartz, it’s ideal for creating a beautiful hearth for fireplaces. The natural cleaning process and durability also go in favour of granite for decorating a living room.

If you prefer quartz, you get it installed as beautiful wall cladding to make a statement wall or a side tabletop.

2. Stairway

You can work with a team of professional fabricators to design, install, sculpt, and finish the desired granite or quartz staircases for your house. The stone staircases are luxurious in the real sense and offer a dramatic touch to any space.

3. Flooring

Granite and quartz also make the flooring elegant yet functional. These stones are durable and robust, as well as need minimal maintenance. While natural granite creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a house with its earthy vibe, quartz worktops in monochromatic tones are ideal for creating a minimal and contemporary feel.

For those who like to mix and match colours or textures, they can also choose them in a mixture of bright and subtle tones. The result will be striking and aesthetic flooring.

4. Kitchen Worktops, Backsplashes or Tabletops

Granite and quartz worktops in London are considered to be the popular choices for home constructions. So, the simplest way to make either of them part of your home is as kitchen worktops, tabletops or backsplashes. Both stones are durable and easy to clean. They can withstand the daily wear and tear in a busy kitchen and hence, preferred by most homeowners across the world. Installing these stones as backsplashes is also a good idea, as these are available in various colours, textures and patterns. No matter which way you prefer granite and quartz in your kitchen, these stones are likely to add aesthetic charm to any interior.

5. Cladding

Since both granite and quartz are durable and easy to maintain, you can install them as cladding as well. While quartz is non-porous, high-density granite is also less porous or needs sealing to create long-term maintenance-free indoor or outdoor cladding.

6. Shelving and Storage

You may even consider these stones to create stunning shelving and open storage for your home. The floating shelves made from natural granite or marble- or granite-like quartz add aesthetic value to any given space. These floating stone shelves are perfect to create a sense of openness and space that cannot be achieved by closed cupboards or cabinets.

7. Accessories

Granite is also used in making stunning artefacts, such as lamps, sculptures, and other home decor pieces. You may even create earthy and elegant planters using granite. Hence, it’s suitable to make stunning accessories for indoor and outdoor areas of your house. The granite accessories are not just long-lasting but waterproof as well. You may look for such granite accessories in flea markets, online or other stores near you to blend beautifully with your interior or exterior spaces. Even the panels of semiprecious stone pebbles and shells are high for furniture piece inlays or as wall highlights.