Make your own landscaping design

landscaping design

Know what I love about cleaning the whole garden, stay that way for much longer than when cleaning your house.

More and more people are turning to the landscaping of their gardens, not only by planting a tree here and a bush there, but looking at their garden as they would see it inside their home. More reflection on the appearance and general attractiveness and how plants can complement each other.

The results are very rewarding. There is also a lot of help if you do not trust planning, your nursery, the wonderful landscaping books, television and radio and Internet programs are there to guide you.

Be careful with books, make sure the book is for your area and that the plants suggested for a design are suitable for your part of the world.

It’s fun to get a graphic pad and make your own design, try it and you’ll be surprised.

landscaping design

One tip: if you buy plants in large chain stores and have been in the air conditioner or inside a building, even with the shade fabric inside / outside the store style, never take the plant home and place it directly in the yard. far.

Take about three weeks to acclimatize the plant. Keep the plant inside or in a closed courtyard and gradually over the three-week period, increase outside time and decrease indoor time. In doing so, you will have a better chance that the plant will survive and become a beautiful specimen for you.

Very often you can get some bargains in the plant department, acclimatizing can save you money.

Gardens like everything else have trends. These trends usually follow the trends of interior decoration. This is good, since the exterior and interior complement each other.

If your house is cabin style, then a garden along the lines of the cabin would look great and you would have the flowers to decorate your house to add to the look. A modern and minimalist interior and then a landscaped garden without complications.

Landscaping and gardening can also improve your stress levels. Feeling a little stressed by something, go out to your garden and potter, prune, prune some weeds, water some plants, separate some binder plants and pots for later. Give yourself at least half an hour and feel the stress.