The Youngest Son of a Magician Is More Than A Movie

The Youngest Son of a Magician

Reading fantasy is a pleasure to most avid readers who love reading as a hobby. Fantasy novels not only have fun plots, but some also have a bit of suspense and lessons to learn. An example of such a novel is called, The Youngest Son Of A Magician. If you are interested in knowing what this novel is about, continue to read on.

The Novel’s Genre

The genre of The Youngest Son Of A Magician is about magic. The story happened in an enchanted make-believe world of magic, powers, and magicians. The protagonist is the son of a magician, the youngest one. Furthermore, this novel is full of thrills, people doing potions, and spells, mystical individuals, and so on.

Why The Novel Is A Must-Read

Readers will enjoy the various themes the novel has to offer. This includes perseverance, family ties, magic, and self-discovery. It also shows how the protagonist uncovers some secrets about his relatives and himself. In his quest to discover himself, he learned how to hone magic and cast spells.

The Novel’s Plot Line

It is made in a fantasy world called “Arindor”, where mystical beings move about and magical powers are allowed. The protagonist and other characters live in that world and try to make something of themselves.

Ethan, the young protagonist, embarked on a road of discovery and improvement. He met many magical beings like powerful magicians, naughty fairies, and so on. These creatures tested Ethan’s abilities and character all through his journey. This is when Ethan finds out that illusion magic is where his abilities lie, and it is also his strongest power.

Ethan’s Power Progression

Ethan is surrounded by a good master and friends who encourage him to go after his dreams and not to give up. His adversary is called Malachi who uses his magic for evil and recruits evil followers. To defeat these bad people, Ethan must be cunning and use everything within his power.

The Battle Between Good And Evil

Ethan, the protagonist, is on the good side, while Malachi and co, are on the bad side. Both sides will inevitably fight to win the right to remain in power. Yet, this battle helped Ethan utilize his real powers as a sorcerer. Ethan didn’t rely only on his strength, he used his brawn and brains to outfit his enemy, thereby winning the battle. He was brave and used new tactics to fight the enemies.

In the long run, he defeated them and saved their kingdom from ruin. Ethan discovered that trusting his friends, not giving up, and believing in himself are good traits to have. He returned home with renewed hope and self-confidence. As a result, he changed people’s perception of him and became a hero to his family and kingdom.

World Setting

The writer of The Youngest Son Of A Magician built a fantasy world of magic that entrances the readers into a magical world. It also gives aspiring fantasy writers ideas on mystical world-building like:

Fantasy World: A writer can create a fantasy world kingdom where supernatural things and creatures live. You can make a set of rules that govern the world you created.

Magical Forests: No supernatural world is complete without magical forests for extraordinary creatures to roam about. Let the forest have mystical beings, winds that whisper, old trees, and many more. Complete the scenario by having secret passages to other worlds.

Supernatural Beings: Introduce several supernatural beings unique to the world setting. You may add animals that speak like humans, dragons, and unicorns. Let the novel have depth and have the protagonists interact unexpectedly with the magical creatures.

Secret Worlds: Make the novel’s fantasy world interesting by putting secret worlds that are sealed inside magical doors or portals.

The Roles Setting and Plot Play In A Novel

The Youngest Son Of A Magician has good world settings and plot, features that are essential for a successful supernatural novel. These two things, if done well, help to improve the characters’ behaviors and actions and attract more readers. An excellent plot and setting consist of the major storyline, minor plots, disagreements, and resolution of the disagreements.

In addition, it provides the foundation for events to occur and their impact on the characters. That is to say, novel settings and plots dictate how the characters relate to others and their environment. If the writer properly depicts the setting, he/she can bring the readers into a separate, vivid, and immersive world.

The Impact Of A Good Setting And Plot

These two features of a novel can either increase or decrease a novel’s readability. If you plot and set the story well, the readers will like it and recommend it to others. For instance, the use of vivid details is one way to make a story interesting. This makes the novel more real with a substantial plot to the readers. Therefore, a good or bad setting can present opportunities or issues that influence the characters’ behavior in a story.


The Youngest Son Of A Magician has well-laid plots and settings that hook you in. Readers will surely lose themselves in this exciting world of enchantment, riddles, and adventure. Right now, The Youngest Son Of A Magician is one of the most sought-after fantasy novels out there. In a nutshell, the novel taught the readers how to overcome challenges and fight for what is right.