Top 5 Career Opportunities In The United Kingdom

Career Opportunities

When it is about choosing the right career opportunity for yourself, the second top motivation is how much you will get from that job. The top priority always depends on job satisfaction. In this article, you will find the top five career opportunities.

We will not focus only on education and qualification so that you will get different options to pursue. There are countless jobs in the United Kingdom. But, which one will be best suited for you, can be very confusing.

Career Opportunities In The United Kingdom

Here is a list of the top five career opportunities.

1. Software Developer

These days the need for software developers is increasing every day. Almost every business is shifting towards making software to make human life easier and faster. The major works done by software developers are developing and designing applications and websites. Also, they handle the computer software for the companies.

Not every software developer is required a college or university degree. A good set of skills is enough. But a course in software development can give you knowledge, skills, and valuable information in pursuing your career. The need for a python developer is really trending these days.

You can make around £35,000 to £50,000. The minimum salary of a software developer is around £25,000.

2. Investment Banking

If you have good investing knowledge, you can pursue your career in investment banking. There are so many organizations that give advice to individuals and corporations and even the government regarding investment. It involves stock investment, real estate investment, and many more. But, you need to be updated all the time.

Also, you can be a broker when it is about investment. Brokering these days is also trending, and so many people pursue their careers in the investment field. This is because there are so many jobs in real estate investment. But, in the beginning, you need some money to start. 

If you are a full-time investment banker, your annual salary will be around £60,000 to £70,000. The minimum wage of an investment banker is around £45,000.

3. Advertising And Public Relations Executive

The importance of advertising is the top priority for all companies and businesses. The main objective of businesses is to target potential consumers. And the advertisers and Public relations executives are behind it. The job role requires making a good company image in front of people.

There is a fact that you should know about. These advertising and PR jobs are among the top career opportunities in the United Kingdom. There are different bachelor’s degrees in marketing, advertising, communication, and public relations. So if you are a creative person and have confidence in marketing, you can pursue it as a marketing person.

If you are into advertising and public relation, your average salary will be around £60,000.

4. Medical Practitioners

The medical system of the United Kingdom is one of the best in the world. The college and universities are famous for giving medical studies and degrees. Also, the hospitals are well linked with the universities in the medical world. Therefore, there is high employability when it comes to medical graduates in the United Kingdom.

But this is a very challenging career, there are so many people competing in the medical line. Also, there are so many different sectors of medical professionals. Nevertheless, medical professionals are on the list of highest-paid employees in the United Kingdom. 

But to be a medical expert, you need the highest level of education. You will need a bachelor’s degree, which will take at least five years to complete. You will also need relevant experience. Your average salary will be around £70,000 per year, which is huge for a starter.

5. Telecommunication Directors

A couple of years ago, there was no hope that these professionals would actually have a good ransom. But, in reality, they are on the list of highest-paid employees. These days, telecommunication directors are getting high salaries, and there is high employability also.

Every organization uses computers for small and large work these days. The job requires someone to maintain computer systems in a company and assist employees in any computer-oriented issue. But, for this job, you will need a computer science degree in a specific field. 

You can see that sometimes there are people who have good knowledge of computers. And they are getting an advantage in hiring without having a college or university degree. An average telecommunication director makes around £75,000 to £80,000 per year.

Final Words

You can pursue different opportunities, like an HR manager, corporate recruiter, java developer, product manager, enterprise architect, data scientist, full stack engineer, business partner, marketing manager, front end engineer, financial manager, legal professions, and many more.

But, every job requires specific knowledge and skills to pursue. Also, you will need a college degree in that particular field to get a job. 

I guess now, you have a pretty good idea about different career opportunities. 

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank You.