7 Books That Have Us Excited for the Literary Journey of 2024


Discover enchantment within the pages as a bookseller stumbles upon a mystical tome with the power to whisk her off to distant lands. Delve into a countryside estate, where hidden histories are laid bare amidst passionate romance.

Witness two schoolgirls traverse family intrigues, all while a fearsome figure casts a shadow over their neighborhood. The literary stage is set this season for an array of standout tales and fresh voices eager to be heard. In 2024, we will be able to get acquainted with debut novelists and new books from famous authors.

What Books are Coming Out in 2024?

Ghost Dogs: On Killers and Kin by Andre Dubus III

Ten years on from his vital autobiography ‘Townie,’ Andre Dubus III presents a landmark collection of essays that capture the essence of diligence, the rites of adulthood, and the reflections of maturity. Among the standout pieces is “If I Owned a Gun,” a compelling essay that explores the intersections between firearms, manhood, and personal philosophy, culminating in his decision to renounce gun ownership.

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Listen for the Lie by Amy Tintera

Gillian Flynn’s gripping bestseller “Gone Girl” ignited Amy Tintera’s passion for adult thriller novels, ultimately leading her to pen one herself. “Listen for the Lie” emerges from Tintera’s reflections on society’s tendency to create conflicts among women.

The plot centers around Lucy, who was thrust into the spotlight as a suspect following the murder of her best friend five years prior. Discovered drenched in blood with her memory wiped clean of the incident, Lucy’s guilt seemed palpable.

It’s only with the resurgence of interest from Ben, a journalist who spotlights her story in his true-crime podcast, that Lucy sees a chance to unravel the truth of that fateful evening.

Anita de Monte Laughs Last: A Novel by Xochitl Gonzalez

In the bustling academic scene of 1998, Raquel, a dedicated art history undergraduate, navigates the complexities of an environment where diversity is scarce. Her world takes a sharp turn when she enters into a romance with a charismatic senior, catapulting her to the heights of collegiate social status.

It’s amidst this whirlwind that Raquel stumbles upon the captivating and sorrowful narrative of Anita de Monte, an artist whose shimmering career was cut short in 1985 and whose life reflects echoes of Raquel’s contemporary struggles.

Through the intertwined voices of Anita and Raquel, Gonzalez weaves a poignant tapestry examining the intricate threads of affection, creativity, and authority. This latest literary offering challenges its readers to reflect upon the stark realities and internal reckonings that define our personal journeys.

The List of Suspicious Things by Jennie Godfrey

For aficionados of true crime, our latest novel whisks you away to the haunting landscape of 1970s Yorkshire. In an era marred by the chilling spree of a notorious assassin known as ‘The Yorkshire Ripper,’ a sense of dread grips the community as numerous women fall prey to the merciless killer.

Amidst the rising terror, two inseparable friends, Miv and Sharon, are desperate for answers that remain hidden beyond the tight-lipped whispers of adults. Complicating matters, Miv faces the disquieting prospect of her father’s planned relocation ‘Down South.’

Driven by a mix of fear and determination, the girls embark on a mission fraught with danger and intrigue to unmask the villain, a journey likely to reveal more about their community than they ever anticipated.

Fire Exit: A Novel by Morgan Talty

Separated by the coursing river in front of his dwelling, Charles Lamosway gazes upon a world that might have been his. Observing from the Penobscot Reservation, he has witnessed transformations within his community, the relentless march of time, and the blossoming life of a young couple and their daughters—a life he’s silently claimed a stake in.

The couple remains unaware that Charles is the biological father. As his own familial foundations falter, Charles confronts the weight of his concealed truths. “Fire Exit,” Talty’s inaugural narrative, unfolds with gentle and deliberate prose, backing readers into a realm of tender introsallow youection.

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Greta & Valdin by Rebecca K Reilly

In the story crafted by New Zealand’s own Rebecca K Reilly. We meet Greta and Valdin Vladisavljevic – a pair of siblings who share an apartment as well as a string of romantic misadventures. Amidst an array of quirky family members. They traverse the peaks and valleys of contemporary existence, grappling with the intricacies of love, identity, and their deep-rooted family saga, all while enduring a series of online dating calamities.

Capturing hearts with its genuine warmth and wit. Reilly’s inaugural work remained a fixture on her country’s bestseller lists for an entire year and secured the coveted Adam Foundation Prize. As she gears up for her UK debut, Reilly remarks. “There’s this notion that our day-to-day in New Zealand doesn’t resonate on an international scale.

But I stand by the belief that if I can get my head around Geordie Shore. Then surely the folks in Britain can grasp our Kiwi vernacular, like saying ‘in the weekend’ instead of at the weekend.'”

The World After Alice by Lauren Aliza Green

Up-and-coming literary sensation Lauren Green, renowned for making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, is about to captivate readers with her upcoming novel, “The World After Alice,” slated for release this coming July. This stirring narrative unfolds in the wake of Alice’s untimely demise, culminating in a poignant wedding ceremony twelve years on.

As Alice’s brother Benji prepares to wed Morgan—Alice’s closest confidante—the reunion forces both families to face their turbulent, heart-rending history. Amid the fervor of nuptial celebrations, a storm of hidden resentments, profound sorrow, and undisclosed secrets loom, threatening to upheave the festive occasion.

“The World After Alice” promises a page-turning blend of raw emotion and unexpected twists—a truly gripping saga that’s as thought-provoking as it is enjoyable.


In fact, the list of books for 2024 is much larger and simply impossible to accommodate. The books listed are the best in our opinion. However, by the time of release, opinions may change. Add the site to your favorites and follow our publications.