Christine Taylor Movies And TV Shows You Must Watch This Weekend

Christine Taylor movies

Whether a business owner, student or working mother, everyone deserves a break from the hustle and bustle of life. A weekend offers unlimited possibilities to unwind, relax, and escape from the daily routine. Be it a small trip, shopping, meeting friends, or hanging out, there are infinite ways to make the most of your weekend. Well, not in the mood to go out? Looking for the best way to celebrate the weekend while sitting in the comfort of your home? Well, we have got the perfect answer to your query. You can binge-watch Christine Taylor movies and TV shows.

To people’s knowledge, Christine Joan Taylor Stiller is one of the well-known American actresses featured in multiple movies and TV shows. With so many Christine Taylor movies and TV shows available online, it is challenging to settle on something to watch. Don’t fret! 

Herein, we have shared a list of some of the best Christine Taylor movies and TV shows that you can watch this weekend.

Without any further wait, let’s get started.

Must-Watch Christine Taylor Movies

  • Overnight Delivery

Do you like watching comedy movies? If yes, then you must watch Overnight Delivery. Released in the late 1990s, Overnight Delivery is one of the best romantic comedy movies featuring Hollywood stars like Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, and Christine Taylor to name a few. Directed by Jason Bloom, the film is a funny road trip story that moves around the three main characters Wyatt Trips, Ivy Miller, and Kimberly Jasney. 

Wyatt Trips and Kimberly Jasney are in a long-distance relationship. However, Wyatt assumes that his girlfriend is cheating on him. So, the heartbroken Wyatt goes to a strip club and meets a stripper, Ivy Miller. Both Wyatt and Ivy make a plan to send Kimberly sexy photos along with a breakup letter.

However, later Wyatt along with Ivy takes a road trip to retrieve the package after they realize Kimberly has done nothing wrong. The role of Kimberly has been beautifully portrayed by Christine Taylor.

  • The First Time

Directed by Jon Kasdan, The First Time is another romantic comedy movie featuring stars like Britt Robertson, Dylan O’Brien, Craig Roberts, Christine Taylor, and Victoria Justice. 

The movie portrays the romantic story of Aubrey Miller and Dave Hodgman who are in complicated relationships with their respective partners. However, a simple discussion between Dave and Aubrey sparks an instant connection. And everything turns romantic, confusing, and magical when both Aubrey and Dave realize falling in love for the first time.

Christine Taylor is playing the role of Mrs. Miller who is the mother of Aubrey

  • The Craft 

Christine Taylor is not just confined to comedy and romantic movie genres. She has performed well in other genres too. The Craft is one of the best Christine Taylor movies that can send shivers down your spine. Directed by Andrew Fleming, The Craft is one of the supernatural horror movies featuring Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Christine Taylor, and many more actors.

The film moves around the story of four teen school girls who get involved in witchcraft to reap the benefits. However, later experience negative consequences. The film was a massive hit and earned around $55.6 million at the global box office. 

  • The Brady Bunch Movie

The Brady Bunch Movie is a comedy movie based on the television series, The Brady Bunch. Christine Taylor is playing the role of Marcia Brady. Released in 1995, the movie draws attention to outdated lifestyles and has nicely presented it in a 70s TV show.

The movie has sequels named: A Very Brady Sequel and The Brady Bunch in the White House. 

  • Zoolander 

You cannot skip this movie if you are a true fan of Christine Taylor movies. 

Zoolander is a comedy movie featuring Will Ferrell, Christine Taylor, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and many other actors. 

The movie follows the story of two models: Jacobim Mugatu and Maury Ballstein who are hired to kill Malaysia’s Prime Minister. 

Christine Taylor is portraying the role of reporter and love interest of Derek who is a silly supermodel. The film is loaded with a lot of twists and turns that may amaze you. As per fans, Zoolander has been one of Ben Stiller’s best movies. 

Let’s Wrap Up 

Apart from the above, The Wedding Singer and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story are some of the best Christine Taylor movies you can enjoy watching this weekend. Apart from movies, she has even done many TV shows like Arrested Development, Hey Dude, and Search Party.

Above all, we can say that Christine Taylor is a talented, successful, versatile, and beautiful American actress well-known in the entertainment industry. So, all you need is a bucket full of popcorn and coke to enjoy your movie. 

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