8 Horror Movies To Binge Watch Right Now

horror movies

The world of movies and TV shows is always enthralled with the genre of horror. And it is not surprising because it takes and sucks in all the attention and make people burst out with emotions of different kinds. So, its a great genre and has possibly quite cult classics which are a must-watch for everyone.

When we talk about movies especially horror ones, one site that never disappoints is Soap 2day because it has up to date movies of all kinds and with a great interface that you don’t need anything else. Make sure you watch trailers of these movies before you go about watching them because it gives you a sense of purpose to select your favorite one among the lot.

Here is the list of top 8 horror movies:

Red shoes

The Halloween movie list would not be complete without mentioning Asian cinema. Empty metro station. A pair of red shoes come across the girl’s eyes. But was it worth it to take them, let alone try them on? Not!

White noise

We have long been accustomed to such a thing as white noise. But can interference on the radio or on the television transmit some kind of hidden message to us? The protagonist of the film took up the revelation of the mystery of this phenomenon.

Entrance to nowhere

A cabin in a dense, uninhabited forest is not the safest place. And even more so, if you were there for mysterious circumstances in the company of a couple more of the same people. What brought them to such a wilderness?

I Spit on Your Grave

Young girls should not even for a while, albeit with the aim of seeking inspiration, go to the forgotten town in the outskirts of God. And especially do not get acquainted with suspicious locals. But the whole essence of the film is revealed in its second half.

Saw: a survival game

What would you do if you were in a room chained to a pipe in the company of another poor fellow and a fresh corpse? You can go all the way with the main characters. By the way, the “Saw” series of films has 7 (and soon 8) films – ideal for a night marathon.

Dead snow

The best Halloween movies are often meaningless and merciless. Like the picture “Dead Snow.” A group of students on vacation. What could go wrong? Nothing, unless you find the treasures of the Wehrmacht.

Slaughter holidays

The plot focuses on a company of young people in the forest (well, you certainly can’t spend time away from mom and dad, otherwise something will happen). Not far from them decide to relax and a couple of local guys. Thrash, meaninglessness, and black humor – a killer combination for a killer vacation.

Eraser head

Finally, a little black and white movie from the gurus of art-house David Lynch for a sophisticated audience. This work, then still unknown director, laid the foundation for a whole genre of psychedelic and extravagant paintings.

Well, how do you like our selection? Could you decide which movies to watch with friends on Halloween? Share your impressions in the comments! By the way, if you hear rustling in a dark basement or in the attic – do not check what happens there!

Final Words

The list of these horror movies has been carefully created to cater to audiences of all ages. Once you watch all of them you would want to watch them again. So, what’s the wait, start streaming these great movies.