Speculations About Journalist David Muir’s Sexuality

David Muir
Image Source: Briefly

David Muir is a U.S. citizen and a journalist known for his job at ABC. The show he anchors on ABC is very popular. However, people are more curious about his sexual orientation than his journalism career. They want to know whether David Muir is gay. But are these allegations true, or these are just people’s speculations? Read to find out.

Brief History of David Muir

A native of New York who was also born there, David spent most of his life there. The 50-year-old journalist bagged his bachelor’s degree at just 22 years old in his hometown. He also worked for a media firm in his hometown before moving to Boston for work. Then in 2003, David got an anchor job at ABC. He did this job for many years. Not only that, he also hosts a show with another famous anchor in the same station. In recognition of his hard work and dedication to the journalism profession, David had won several awards. This includes awards like the Emmy.


David has three siblings and a mother. He is close to them, as well as his extended family. You can find photos of them mostly, on his Instagram account. Additionally, David posts photos of his adorable dog whom he lives with in his residence.

Relationships and Speculations

Despite his achievements listed above, people are more concerned about David’s sexual preference. Therefore, many viewers ask if David Muir is straight. However, this question will remain unanswered, as David himself has never come out to debunk or confirm the rumors. But there is no smoke without fire because people have allegedly seen him with female and male celebrities.

The Start of the Gay Rumor

The David Muir gay speculations began because some individuals met him at many gay bars at different times. Still, these are unsubstantiated allegations due to no response to the rumors by David.

Are the Rumors True?

Nobody knows if these allegations are true, but this isn’t the first time David has been subjected to such things. This might be due to David’s popularity and being in the limelight. Nevertheless, David is keeping a tight lid on his private life. Hence, the rumors haven’t died down, but come up once in a while. In the meantime, below are some public figures who were allegedly dating David.

Kelly Ripa

Kelly and David have a close friendship which can be misunderstood by others. Kelly is a media icon and actress in the U.S. She once posted one picture of herself and David having a quiet time online. The innocent photo was misinterpreted to mean that they were lovers by fans. Well, the rumor got squashed when Kelly married her fellow actor. Fans were surprised to learn she was only a good friend of David.

Kate Dries

The ex-worker of Jezebel who once worked in the editorial department of the company had a scandal with David. In 2015, Kate herself said in an interview that she and David were dating. She didn’t go into depth about their relationship, including the romantic side of it. Furthermore, Kate revealed that a few of the pictures posted on David’s social media page were taken by her. These made some fans think that David is heterosexual.

David’s Reaction to Kate’s Claim

David never came out to confirm or counteract Kate’s revelation. Meanwhile, the media stopped linking them together after Kate’s interview, leading people to think they had broken up. While some thought that Kate lied about the situation with David during her interview.

Gio Benitez

In 2015, some fans said that Gio and David were long-time lovers due to photos both posted on the internet. Gio also works at ABC, which made few people believe the rumor, and the photos solidified that belief. Besides, Gio had come out to the public that he was gay, which added weight to the speculations.

Gio’s Marriage

Ironically, Gio got married to his husband in the same year the allegations came out. His husband is not David Muir and this laid to rest the “David Muir is Gay” headlines. Gio and David remain friends and coworkers to date, and neither spoke about their alleged dating news.


Sean is a mysterious person whose only information is his career as an entrepreneur and Director. He is successful in his endeavors and has been in the media. In 2022, rumors started circulating about Sean dating David, but still, David didn’t respond to them. And since there was a lack of evidence to back them up, they died down naturally. Although few of his fans still think they are dating.


In a nutshell, whether David Muir is Gay or not cannot be determined right now. The answer to that depends on whether the actor is willing to tell the public or not. However, David’s sexual orientation doesn’t matter to his fans, family, and friends. As a journalist, David has given his all to his profession, because being a journalist is his passion. And since there is no solid proof of him being gay, any headlines without David’s confirmation is just a rumor.