Amanda Cerny: The Rise and Shine of Social Media Sensation

Amanda Cerny Leaked

Amanda Cerny is a name that needs no introduction in social media. She is among the most popular and influential digital celebrities, with over 45 million followers across various platforms. How did she attain such fame and accomplishment? She is recognized for her amusing and relatable videos, captivating attractiveness and physicality, and adventurous and compassionate nature.

What are the secrets behind her rise and shine? In this article, we will explore the life and career of Amanda Cerny, from her humble beginnings as a Playboy model to her current status as a social media sensation. We will also look at some of the challenges and controversies she faced along the way and how she overcame them with grace and humor. Join us as we take a closer look at the fantastic journey of Amanda Cerny, the internet queen.

The Early Life and Family Background

Amanda Cerny came into this world on the 26th of June in 1991, in a city named Pittsburgh in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA. She has ancestors from the Czech Republic, Germany, and Italy. Her dad is Russell Allen Cerny, but no one knows her mom’s name. She has a sister, Samantha Cerny, and a half-brother, Nick Bateman.

She attended a school near her home in Pittsburgh for her primary education. Then, she got a business degree from Florida State University. She also learned to be funny and spontaneous at the United Citizens Brigade. She dreamed of working for the CIA as a kid but chose a different path after becoming a Playboy model in October 2011.

Amanda Cerny: Career Journey

Amanda Cerny began her career as a model and was chosen as the Playboy model in October 2011. She then started making short videos on Vine, displaying her humor and charisma, and had more than 4.6 million fans before the app closed. Amanda changed to other apps like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok. She kept making fun and exciting content, working with famous people and influencers. She has over 45 million fans on different social media apps.

Apart from being a social media star, Amanda Cerny has also tried her hand at acting, modeling, and charity work. She has been in many TV shows, movies, and music videos. Her famous works include Airplane Mode, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. She has partnered with various brands and groups, such as Guess, LiveXLive, and the United Nations. She cares about helping good causes, such as protecting the environment, saving animals, and empowering women.

She also graced the cover of Health and Wellness magazine. She has partnered with multiple brands and organizations throughout her career, including Guess, LiveXLive, and the United Nations.

A Fitness Lover and a Plant-Based Eater

Amanda Cerny has loved fitness since she was a kid. Amanda dedicated extensive time to training in karate alongside her sisters under the guidance of her mother, who oversees the largest karate school in Florida. Consequently, she attained the rank of a black belt in karate.

Amanda keeps herself active by playing tennis, hiking, running for marathons, dancing, and doing her famous CERNYFIT hit training workouts! She eats healthy food and has only eaten a plant-based diet for ten years. She likes nature and enjoys being outside and traveling.

Amanda Cerny Social Media


Her Instagram account @amandacerny has 22.8M followers. She also has a Threads account, having 1M followers.


She also has a YouTube account, @amandacerny, with 2.66M subscribers. On YouTube, Amanda continues to captivate her viewers with diverse content. 

Her channel included comedy sketches, vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle videos. Her infectious personality and relatability made her a favorite among millions of subscribers.


She also has an X account @AmandaCerny having 1.3 M followers.


She also has a TikTok account, @amandacerny, with 10.4 M followers and 88.4 M likes.


Her Facebook account @Amanda Cerny has 8.7 M followers.


Amanda Cerny also has an OnlyFans account @amandacerny, where she offers explicit content for her subscribers for a fee, and you can choose from 3, 6, and 12 months. There were rumors that Amanda Cerny leaked videos and photos and that they were circulating online, but on investigation, we could not find any of these websites to be authentic. 

So, we recommend you not click on links advertising “Amanda Cerny leaked videos” as they might contain malware.

Controversy and Accusations

Like many public figures, Amanda Cerny has faced her fair share of controversy and criticism. She has been accused of being money-hungry, alleging that she deletes critical comments on her TikTok videos. 

Additionally, she has been accused of body-shaming in the same video.

Amanda has also been open about a feud with fellow influencer Lele Pons. She claimed Lele deleted her videos out of jealousy, using her Latina identity as an excuse.

Philanthropic Journey

Amanda Cerny works with different groups to help with various problems, such as protecting animals, saving the environment, educating kids, making everyone equal, and keeping wildlife safe. Some groups she has helped are PETA, Best Friends Animal Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the United Nations Refugee Agency.

She also cares about mental health and tells her followers her stories and thoughts. She wants to improve the world and motivate others to do the same.

She founded the “Play Foundation” to promote health and wellness and educate individuals about fitness and nutrition. She educates people about fitness, nutrition, and leading a healthy lifestyle through the foundation. Amanda’s passion for these issues goes beyond mere lip service; she actively participates in initiatives that positively impact the world.


Amanda Cerny has a boyfriend named Johannes Bartl, a fitness coach, and a social media star. They started dating in 2017, and they often show their love on their social media apps. They have also made many YouTube videos and gone to events together. Some of their fans have given them a couple name: “Johamanda”.

Amanda Cerny had a short romance with Logan Paul, another famous internet star, in 2016. They made some videos together, and they were seen together in public. But they did not say they were dating and broke up soon after.

Amanda Cerny also dated Dane Cook, a comedian and an actor. They were together from 2011 to 2014 and went to many places together. They split up because they were different in age and swamped.

Final Words

Amanda Cerny has risen to fame and success through her entertaining and relatable social media content, captivating millions of followers across various platforms. She has overcome challenges and controversies with grace and humor and has also made a positive impact through her philanthropic efforts.