Meet Jill Hardener – A Prominent German Model

Jill hardener
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Jill Hardener is an up-and-coming model who has been capturing the attention of her audience on social media, especially on Onlyfans. She shares stunning photos of herself wearing fashionable outfits that show off her attractive figure. Jill is known for her work as a bikini and lingerie model, and she is currently part of The Honeycomb Team. Apart from her modeling gigs, she’s also famous for her impressive tattoos that cover her entire body, giving her a cool and distinctive look. In this article, we will tell you everything about Jill Hardener’s age, family, social media and net worth so keep on reading!

Birth and Background

Jill Hardener, a stunning model, proudly hails from the picturesque country of Germany. Her given name, Jill, holds a beautiful significance, as it means “child of gods” and is a shortened form of Gillian. Born in the year 1988, Jill joyfully celebrates her birthday every year on the 9th of October. As of 2023, Jill is 35 years old.

Physical Attributes

Jill Hardener, the tattoo model, stands tall at an impressive height of 5 feet 9 inches. As a model, she has a stunning and artistic body. According to her website, Jill’s measurements are as follows: she has a bust size of about 36.6 inches, a waist of around 25.6 inches, and hips measuring approximately 37.4 inches. When it comes to her physical attributes, Jill often wears a cup size of 36 DD and has shoe sizes of either 6 or 5. She is blessed with gorgeous blonde hair and captivating green eyes. Additionally, she has a beautifully tanned complexion that adds to her attractive appearance.

The Living Canvas of Tattoos

Jill Hardener takes pride in her body, which is adorned with captivating works of art in the form of tattoos.  Among her tattoos, there is a skull illustration delicately etched onto her lower back. Additionally, she proudly displays a bondage-themed portrait depicting hands clasped around a neck. Most of her tattoos are done in black and grey, exuding a distinctive style.

In addition to her tattoos, Jill has various body piercings that further add to her unique aesthetic. Some of these piercings are located in private areas, known only to her loyal followers on her exclusive platform.

Successfully Removes Her Nazi Tattoo

Jill Hardener, just 14 years old at the time, made the choice to get her first-ever tattoo. As time went on, she decided to get an imperial eagle inked onto her crotch, after seeing a similar design on a friend’s belly and being drawn to it, without knowing its historical meaning. Little did Jill know that the symbol she had permanently marked on her skin was once used by the Nazi party during a dark period in history. She wants to make it clear that this tattoo does not represent her beliefs or values.

When Jill started sharing pictures of her tattoo on Instagram, she received criticism from others in 2015. To her surprise, her photos were stolen, edited, and shared on websites associated with both left-wing and right-wing extremists. Sadly, these unwanted consequences had a negative impact on Jill’s career opportunities. She had a hard time finding work in magazines and getting brand endorsements. Many magazines turned her down, and she was no longer invited to important events.

In an attempt to distance herself from the negative associations of her tattoo, Jill tried various methods to hide it. However, she ultimately decided it was best to remove it entirely. Her goal was to let her followers know that she does not support the hateful views of the Nazis. Jill underwent multiple laser surgeries to remove the tattoo but unfortunately, they didn’t work. However, her surgeon has now informed her that it can be surgically removed in two other procedures. This brings her closer to a fresh start, leaving the past behind her.

Social Media

Jill Hardener has a wide presence on various social media channels including OnlyFans. Here are the details


Jill Hardener Instagram account @jill.hardener boasts a following of 4.7 Million followers. You can check out the tattoos on her body on the various photos she shares on her social media platform.

Jill Hardener OnlyFans

Jill Hardener is very active on her OnlyFans account which goes by @jill.hardener and she has about 871 photos and 58 videos. She also has another account on OnlyFans which is a paid account and one has to pay a fee to watch her exclusive content there.


Jill Hardener also has an account on TikTok @jill.hardener.official which has 176.4 K followers and 1.2 M likes. She keeps on posting videos on TikTok which attract many likes and followers.

Jill Hardener X 

Jill Hardener also has an X account @CochoElbi which she made in February 2019 and has 32.2 K followers there.


Jill Hardener also has a Reddit account @u/JillHardenerOfficial.


Jill Hardener’s YouTube account is @jillhardener which has 994 subscribers.


Jill Hardener’s Facebook account is @Jill Hardener having 247 K followers.

Impressive Wealth

Jill Hardener has earned a significant amount of money from her Onlyfans accounts. In addition to delighting her fans all over the world, she also works as a model, showcasing beautiful and exotic lingerie and bikinis. As of 2023, Jill’s total net worth is estimated to be between $4-5 million.

Bottom Line

Jill Hardener is a successful German model known for her stunning photos and tattoos. She has faced challenges in her career due to a controversial tattoo but is determined to move past it and has achieved financial success through her modeling and Onlyfans accounts.