What Is Famous in Varanasi For Shopping?

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Varanasi is a spiritual place. When speaking of temples, the city has more than 2000 temples. There is a lot more than Ghats and prayers in Varanasi. Tourists who travel to this place can often enjoy shopping in the market area.

The place has a lot to offer for people who enjoy pilgrimage shopping. The place is also best for budget-friendly people. So if you want to enjoy your budget shopping then there are many markets that offer with best budget collection.

Varanasi city is also famous for its traditional market places along with ancient temples. So the time when you visit this destination, you should take some time and enjoy shopping here in Varanasi. For tourists, it is obvious that you should prepare your shopping list in advance as there are so many place that you can visit here.

Top places for shopping in Varanasi

1. Jaharlal And Pannalal

The place is a landmark in Varanasi. People often remember Varanasi because of its traditional collection of Banarasi Sarees. When going through the busy streets in Varanasi, you may come across several stores that sell quality Banarasi saree material.

Some of the top-rated shops in Jaharlal and Pannalal stores are also soled that are made up of high-quality natural silk. If you like silk then this is the best place for you and your family. Here you will also find sarees and other dress materials made up of Shatter, Organza, and Georgette.

Each material sold in this place is also tested for its quality and marled by the authorities.

2. Harmony Book Shop

If you like reading books related to any genre, and then Harmony is the best place for you in Varanasi. The place is located in the busy locations of Assi Ghat. This is also one of the best-rated shopping places in Varanasi.

The best part is that you may find thousands of books in all genres in this place. Some of the top-rated sellers in religious, yoga, medicinal, Hinduism and other religions sell their best collections here. In case you are looking around for any special book then there is no better place than this.

The main benefit of this place in Varanasi is that if you maintain contact with the dealer, then they will also courier the book to you as it arrives in stock.

3. Vishwanath Galli

Street shopping in Varanasi can be a lot more fun if it is done in Vishwanath Galli. This place is best known for all types of street food delicacies. A lot more can be enjoyed in these streets. You can look around for handicrafts, jewelry, religious idols, woodcraft and much more.

There are several shops here in Varanasi that deal in all types of goods for some of the best prices. The place is a hub for some of the best street foods of Varanasi. Some top-rated food on the menu includes Idlis, Samosas, Jalebis, Lassi, and Kachori.

So you can enjoy shopping in this place and at the same time enjoy local cooked food.

4. Godowlia

If you are interested in purchasing silk and textile materials, then there is no other better place in Varanasi than Godowlia. The place is a hub for shoppers who enjoy textile and relevant shopping items. You can look around for everything related to textile-like carpets, weaving materials, and dress materials.

The best part is that the place is extraordinary for selling quality silk material at a very low price. Some of the shops hold craftsmanship that has been passed on from one generation to another in the same family.

You can also look around for best shirts for men that are of latest designs as per modern culture. There are also several craftsmen who will stitch pure silk shirts and dress within few hours. So shopping here will never mean your extra wait period in Varanasi.

5. Mirzapur Market

If you like to shop around for sweets and other delicacies of Varanasi, then this is the best place for you. Here in this market, you will find everything ranging from musical instruments, sweets, fruits, and lot more.

If you enjoy eating Banarasi pan (beetle leaves), then this is the best market for you. There are several shops here that sell quality Banarasi Pan. The beetle leaves are identified for their unique taste and smell all over the country.

Apart from this, Varanasi is a place that is a shopping hub for people from all over the country. There are many other best market places, which include Thatheri Bazar, Gyan Vapi, Chowk, Golghar and Dashwamedth Gali.

Varanasi is also famous place and well known for all types of Zari (embroidery) works. Some of the top embroideries work in precious metals like silver and gold are also very much common here.