How Foamex can Help You with Affordable Signage this Holiday Season?

Foamex Signage

With the end of 2020, people have already planned for the New Year and the opportunities, hope, and vitality we are expecting from it. Individuals and businesses have already started making efforts in their own ways to do big in 2021. Just the way individuals have a lot of prepping up to do, businesses also have many things they need to get in order for the festive and holiday season.

If you are a business, no matter big or small, it is a good time to take a look at things that might help you promote your business and its products better during the holiday season. You can provide a more professional edge to your holiday season signage with some really well made external signage from a foamex board.

Signage is powerful

Quite a few businesses undermine the power of signage, they do not understand the importance signage holds in promoting and advertising for their business during a holiday season. If you have a shop or a showroom anywhere, you will know that functional signage or board can work as a 24×7 salesperson for your business. You can provide all kinds of business information for your customers through this signage. One of the most popular materials for this kind of signage is Foamex.

Good signage attracts people’s attention by being where it should be and being present in that spot even when the shop is closed and you are away. People often decide to go back to a shop later when it reopens just by taking a look at the signage. Foamex printing helps immensely with this kind of signage. Foamex is said to be one of the most versatile and long-lasting materials used for signage boards. It’s also easy to use and is rigid, so it is not too easy to break. This kind of signage is good for outdoor advertising where weather conditions keep changing and the weather can go to extreme limits during the holiday season.

With foamex, you can create some sturdy 3d signs and displays. Signs made with foamex are durable, low-cost, lightweight, and easy to move from one place to another. They are also easy to maintain. So the signage you are using this holiday season can be again made use of in the next holiday season if you want, you just need to take good care of it to keep it in a presentable condition.

Create any kind of signs with foamex

As Christmas approaches, retailers start producing bright coloured, attractive signage for their shop fronts. They try to emanate the vibrant and lively feel of the holiday season with their signage. For this, Foamex is the most preferred material by businesses. With a foamex board, you can create all kinds of signs like banners, outdoor posters, illuminated signs, pavement signs, bi fold leaflet, etc. You can choose the kind of sign that will be more suitable for your business and brand and go crazy with your designs. You can also be sure that your design and text will be printed really well on a foamex board and will not fade away easily.

Interior Retail Signage

You can also choose to create interior retail signage with foamex. In the holiday season, it is important you try to give a festive makeover to the insides of your store. A foamex board is available in three different thicknesses : 3mm foamex, 5mm foamex, and 10mm foamex. Different thicknesses have different uses. The less thick foamex can be used for menus and cards and other smaller items while the thicker foamex can be used for signage both inside and outside the store.

Give it any shape and size

The best part about foamex is that you can give it any shape and size and any colour of your choice to make it look festive while also making it more relevant to your business and brand. You can also print cards with foamex. It is a simple, cost-effective method of replacing your regular signage with something better for the holiday season.

In addition to this, you can also develop free-standing units either as marketing and advertising material or just some nice decorations for the holiday season promotion. You can also create other powerful displays with the point of sale signage. Point of sale signage is a really important way of promoting your brand, not just during the holiday season but also on a regular basis.

Wrap up

There are many different materials that can be used to create signage. Foamex is one of the most popular materials because it is not only versatile and sturdy but also cost-effective. Businesses love something that is cost-effective and also completely functional at the same time. You can choose to create any type of signage with the help of Foamex. Foamex Board Printing is a popular and most favored choice for most businesses.