Signage That Should Essentially Be a Part of Lobby Interior

Signage That Should Essentially Be a Part of Lobby Interior

The lobby is one of the main units of any office, as well as the buildings with multiple stores. It is the place to receive the visitors, greet them, and provide them all the necessary or required information. If there are too many visitors at the same time, it can become quite hectic for the attendees to serve all of them in a satisfactory manner.

Therefore, including signage in the interior of the lobby is a significant trend in developed countries of the world like the UAE. The outdoor signage is the face of the office, store, or the product or service. However, indoor signage is an effective way of communicating brand ideology and facilitating interested people.

This article aims to shed light on the signage that should essentially be a part of the lobby interior of any office, hotel, or multiple story building.

Top 4 Must-Have Signage for Your Office Lobby

When a person enters an office, the lobby is the very first place that attracts his/her attention. Therefore, if the authorities want to leave a pleasant and memorable impression, they need to work on its interior. Having indoor signage is an essential part of the lobby interior, which should never be ignored in order to provide better guidance and insight to the visitors.

The following are the top must-have internal signage for the interior of the office’s lobby.

1.   ADA Signs

With the technological progress and ethical development of societies, the world is becoming a better place to live. There was an ignorant era when differently able people were mocked; however, the world has acknowledged their rights and tries its best to fulfill them.

ADA signs are a part of this effort, which are must-have for the lobby interior of any office. The authorities acquire the help of sign boards Dubai based companies to install the ADA signs that can ensure hassle-free assistance for the differently-abled people.

2.     Way Finding Signs

The greatest concern of most of the visitors or new joiners of an office is finding their way. Opening the door of every other room or roaming on different floors to find their respective destination can turn out embarrassing for them.

Therefore, way finding signage is one of the must-have signage types in the interior of the office lobby. It can include the signs for kitchen, washrooms, meeting areas, conference rooms, play areas, rest areas as well as others according to the need and requirements of the office.

3.     Department Signs

One of the most important and must have signage that should be a part of the interior of the office lobby is the signs about departments. It is specifically more important for the multiple floor office buildings to display detailed information about their department floors in the lobby.

Asking the attendee in the lobby is an outdated practice that is not appreciated anymore. It can also cause hassle for the visitors to explore multiple floors just to reach their destined department. So, communicating the location of their respective department through indoor signage can prove really helpful and facilitative.

4.     Informational Signs

Communicating the business philosophy and ideology is quite important for the authorities. Moreover, communicating about the progress over the course of years is also important. However, indulging in hours-long discussions with every visitor does not seem suitable.

The most effective way of doing this is to include informational signage and letting the visitors explore the fabulous history of the workplace. If your business has achieved a milestone recently, it should be communicated to the visitors. Acquire the services of an internal signage company and get related information signage installed in your lobby and impress visitors.

Renovate your lobby and include must-have signage!

If the visitors are having multiple queries about your office or are dissatisfied with the service, it is the sign that you need to work on your lobby. The lobby should provide all the answers without having people to make the query. Moreover, it should also not stand out like the board of a classroom.

Therefore, professional assistance and expertise are required for the task. Keep in view the concerns and queries of the attendees and plan your signage accordingly. Moreover, do not forget to give a personalized touch to your lobby by utilizing the colors, logos, and other related symbols of your brand identity in the signage and lobby interior.

So, get in touch with professionals and renovate the interior of your lobby by including all the must-have signage that will instantly boost the mood of all the visitors.

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