Easy Ways To Make Your Traveling Videos Cool & Professional


When traveling, you want to capture important moments to be documented, whether in photos or videos. Documenting vacation trips through photos is preferred. Apart from being more accessible, editing photos are also easy at will. But there’s nothing wrong with documenting your vacation trip via video.

Do you often travel & go around enjoying the beauty of nature or just self-healing? Mainly if you include a vlog while traveling? It’s cool. A traveling vlog will always be interesting in the eyes of other people. Travel vlogs also inspire other people to imagine a place without having to visit it.

Watching travel vlogs is always fun. Many people cannot visit all places on social media, such as Instagram, Tiktok, or Youtube. But they can enjoy the video of the trip just by sitting pretty at home.

So, for those who like to travel and plan to make a travel vlog. There’s nothing wrong with listening to this article. How to easily make your travel vlog cool & professional. So you can be more confident when uploading videos of your trip. Also, with videos that look professional, you can get more viewers because your videos are exciting.

1. Take as much video footage as possible

First, take footage of the scenery & delicious food you brought. Do as much as possible in different ways. That way, you will have lots of stock footage needed during editing. This method will also help you to have basic materials for making videos later.

2. Choose the right tool

It doesn’t matter what video editing technique or method you are working on. It would help to use the right tool to make your video creation more accessible. There are tons of great online video creation tools out there. Easy to use & does not require special editing skills. You can easily create online videos in minutes like a pro. Making quality videos is easier than you think if you use the right tools.

  • Merge Video Clips

The raw video you have taken may need to be cut to combine with other video pieces to make an exciting story. All the video clips you have taken from different angles must be combined. When you take a video, there are several additional moments that you must delete or edit so that the result becomes a meaningful story in your traveling vlog.

The job of merging video clips does require patience and seriousness. Especially if you do everything yourself, it must be tiring. Online video editors will help you work more quickly & efficiently in combining video clips. So, you have to try it if you want your traveling vlog to look professional.

  • Adjust video speed

Creating a Traveling Vlog is about communicating with your audience to get closer. But have you ever thought about the speed limit in a video you make? Don’t worry. There’s no speed limit.

The point of speed in question is that some of the clips you take might be cooler if shown in slow motion. And some clips, like traveling on land, might be more excellent if shown at 2x speed. Controlling video speed is mandatory for your videos to look professional. If you don’t combine them, it will be difficult for your audience to understand your traveling vlog.

  • Set the color

Videos with colors that could be more optimal make the audience bored, sometimes, when you take a recording on a trip. The light may be less, the brightness is less, and the other lights are out of sync. So you need help to get the maximum color. Use a video editor to solve the problem of suboptimal colors in your videos.

Color in videos can evoke emotion and make viewers feel the place you’ve visited. Make your videos more relaxed with the right lighting and colors. Bring all the brightness of beautiful colors to your videos so viewers can enjoy them more.

  • Add Audio & Music

There is no cool traveling vlog if it can’t attract the audience’s attention. Choosing the right music will help your video attract more viewers. But you also have to pay attention, don’t use music that is too boring to make your audience sleep. And don’t use music for parties either. Travel vlogs are intended to be soothing and rich in the essence of happiness, so choose music that is appropriate & elegant.

  • Reach more audience with Subtitles

You might be wondering why to use subtitles in traveling vlogs. If you have never tried it, you will never know its benefits. Your video viewers are not just your close friends. Not just people from the same area.

Therefore, adding subtitles to videos is very important to get more and wider audiences. Subtitles help them and those who speak a different language than yours. Subtitles help better understand; more people will feel connected to your videos.

  • Add Spells!

The mantra here means the aspect that makes your video interesting. Try adding a transition. It’s not new, but this method is trending right now. Now, video transitions that are currently trending are professional vlog-style transitions.

How to make this cool transition is relatively easy, but you have to pay attention so that the results are excellent. How do you place transitions when you move from one place to another? What is left alone without a transition? If your video wants to look cool, try experimenting with this transition to make moving from one place to another in your video look seamless. Transitions are the mantra for your videos to make ordinary clips into impressive clips.

  • Add Graphic

Some say, “Don’t use graphics in traveling vlogs because they don’t look natural.” Relax, it’s just a myth. Using graphics in videos makes them look more natural and look more HD. Of course, make your traveling vlog come alive.


Making cool & professional traveling videos depends on you as the maker. How can your video make the audience comfortable & comfortable watching your video until it’s finished? But, with the tips above, you no longer need to worry. You can make cool videos like a pro by applying the tips above.

Creating & editing videos is a skill one is not born with, but you can learn it anytime. So, why should you be tired of studying nowadays?

You have to know the sequence & how it will appear to your audience. With the different video editors on the market, the process is more straightforward than it was a few years ago. So pack your backpack, grab your camera & capture the moment, then create a video that will appeal to your audience nothing can stop you from becoming a famous travel vlogger.