Saskatchewan Immigration – Canada PNP Process and Requirement in 2021

Saskatchewan Immigration

Saskatchewan is often known as a flat province. But it is one of the most beautiful regions in Canada, with rich forests, vast lakes, and a stellar landscape. Saskatchewan is a perfect blend of nature and civilisation.

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta are collectively known as the Prairie Provinces due to their immense wheat resources enabling the production of petroleum, natural gas, and potash. Places like Manitoba, Alberta, Montana, and North Dakota surround Saskatchewan, making it easier to travel between various provinces.

Furthermore, as the province is diverse and hosts a diverse society, nearly 13,364 people migrated from 2019 to 2021. Saskatchewan immigration is possible because of the stellar provincial nominee program.

Let’s take a look at how it works, and you can migrate to the province.

Saskatchewan PNP Program

Saskatchewan PNP is an immigration program that allows the province to invite skilled individuals to become permanent residents. It enables the immigrants to work or study in Saskatchewan if they have the right skills crucial for the labor and financial requirements.

Here are the four categories of the provincial nominee program:

  • International Skilled Worker:
  • Saskatchewan Work Experience
  • Entrepreneur
  • Farm Owner and Operator

It is important to note that the skilled international worker has three subcategories – Employment Offer, Occupations in Demand, and Saskatchewan Express Entry.

Eligibility criteria for Saskatchewan immigration

Here are the eligibility criteria for Saskatchewan immigration:

  • The candidate must score at least 60 marks in SINP (Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program) point assessment grid.
  • The candidate should have a minimum of one year of professional experience relevant to the target job or profession.
  • The candidate must showcase proficiency in language tests conducted by CLD with a minimum score of 4 out of 10.
  • If the target profession is regulated or involves trading, the candidate must provide a Saskatchewan licensure to prove their job’s authenticity.
  • The candidate will also be required to submit a copy of the company’s offer letter in Saskatchewan. The job should be a permanent full-time position under the NOC (National Occupation Classification) category under the class 0, A or B.

Process for applying to Saskatchewan PNP

Here is the process for kickstarting the application process for Saskatchewan PNP:

  1. Collect all the relevant information and documents that the province requires as proof and add the details in the form devised by the Saskatchewan province.
  2. Verify the added information and document accuracy, and submit them on the province’s website for evaluation purposes.
  3. The immigration body will send you an invitation to apply for Saskatchewan immigration via your Express of Interest profile. After that, you need to select the outlined job and district by using the relevant codes.
  4. Outlined the company’s name and employer details, including your job’s information, which will help you obtain the work permit.
  5. You can complete the process by paying the visa processing fee and also apply for the PR visa.

Depending on your candidature, here are the documents you need to complete the application:

  1. A passport and identity proof
  2. Medical check-up test results or certificate
  3. Bank statements for showcasing evidence of funds
  4. Submitting Police Clearance Certificate as proof of the candidate’s character
  5. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  6. Language competency results
  7. Plan for settling in the province
  8. Employment letter and relevant details
  9. Previous professional experience details
  10. Wedding certificate for married candidates and if the spouse aims to migrate with you
  11. Information for the dependent children if they are relocating with you to the province

In-demand jobs in Saskatchewan

Since your profile’s fate depends on the employment prospects in the province, it is crucial to learn about the in-demand jobs. You must also select a job classified in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) under the relevant category.

There can be exceptions, so it is best to clarify such details with your employer and immigration lawyer. Furthermore, you can check the Saskatchewan website to learn more about the occupation list and requirements.

Assessing the point system

It is also important to assess the point system and how it impacts your profile. You must secure a minimum of 60 points to be considered for the PNP program.

Here are the influencing factors:

  • Experience in a skilled occupation will allow you to get a maximum of 15 points.
  • Language proficiency and abilities in English or French will enable you to secure up to 20 points.
  • You can get a maximum of 23 points for educational qualifications, ranging from a doctorate to a high school diploma.
  • Connection to the Saskatchewan labor market will allow you to get nearly 30 points.
  • Age will help you secure 12 points.


This article outlines the details and process requirements for Saskatchewan immigration and the provincial nominee program. Incorporate the tips and enhance your knowledge to achieve success. You can also seek help from immigration consultants and create a concrete profile.