Major Reasons Why Your Application for Canada Might be Invalid

Immigrate to Canada

The process of applying and preparing for immigration to Canada is a lengthy and challenging process. This can be even more challenging in a case where you do not have enough information or the right information to support your application. It seems like a complete waste of time and resources when you have invested so much in the process of immigration and then having to face rejections. This is why you must consult with the best immigration consultants for Canada in Dubai. There are several highly experienced Canada visa consultant in Dubai that can guide you with the right information and bring you closer to your immigration goals.

There are a bunch of reasons why your application might be rejected, sometimes it is a minor fault in the information you have provided, sometimes it has absolutely nothing to do with your application. This can happen to any visa application – study, work, travel, etc.

Major reasons why people face rejections sometimes

Not enough support documents

For each piece of information, you provide to the Canadian Government, you will have to provide supporting documents as proof. This can be regarding your education, your work experience, any other achievements, etc. You will have to provide documents like experience letters, certificates, reference letters, to prove the kind of work you did and for how long you were doing it. If you fail to provide these documents, the information you provide will not work for your application.

You are not a security risk

There is always a criminal report you have to attach to your visa application. This is to prove that you have never been convicted or been involved in a crime back in your home country. This includes espionage, political riots or work strikes, violence, being a part of something that violates human rights, money laundering, human trafficking, driving under influence, etc.

Documents for financial support

Whether you immigrate to Canada for study, work, or travel, you need to have substantial proof to clarify that in any situation, you will be able to support yourself financially while you are still in Canada. It is not just for yourself, but also for your dependents.

Your reasons aren’t convincing enough

The Canadian Government needs to be assured about your intentions to visit or migrate to Canada. Your intentions must be of a positive nature and lawful. You need to prove that you are purely visiting for work or study, or travel, or to attend a certain event, etc. You will also be required to prove that you have all the intentions to return home once your purpose of the visit is satisfied. This can sometimes be affected by what your past travel history has been like.

The right immigration consultant

This is often one of the most common reasons why people’s visa application is rejected. Not having a good consultant to help you out with your visa application can eventually lead to a failure of not getting a visa. It is not always the consultant’s fault though. But you need to make sure that Canada immigration services in Dubai you go to has the right information and good experience to help you out with your application and be successful in it. You must find out the best immigration consultants for Canada in Dubai and seek immigration advice from them regarding your experience, your plans, and the way you wish to enter the country. They will help you find the right path that works well according to your experience and current standing.


Above all else, it is really important to have a strong profile. Even if you do not have a really strong profile, you can still manage to improve it in the way that you can do some courses, learn something, gain more relevant work experience, get a good score on your English proficiency test, etc. If you are willing to do Canada immigration from Dubai, it is better you start working on your profile, gather all the important documents, and get in touch with a really good Canada visa consultant in Dubai to help you reach your goals.