Top Most Places to Visit in Colombia


Visiting new places and cities in a new country has always been a favorite passion for most people across the globe. Exploring new things and arriving at a wonderful sight brings a strong sense of happiness. The report says, “People usually prefer Southwest Airlines Booking for touring to a new land ensures a pleasant memory forever”. If you are planning to visit Colombia you are on the right page. This post will help you know about some of the top most places to visit in Colombo.

In terms of visiting a new place, safety and comfort should be preferred first. So, the more information you gather the more you will enjoy. Colombo is a South American country and its capital is Bogota. This article contains the safest and easy-to-reach sights and destinations in Colombia.

The national capital and the city of Colombia is Bogota and has vast historical importance. If you are interested in diving deep into the rich history and civilized culture of Colombia, do plan to spend 2 to 3 days in the city. La Candelaria houses a huge collection of impressive museums, wonderful governmental edifices, quaint cobblestone streets, and many more.

bogota colombia

On the other hand, you must not forget to visit some popularly known museums, for instance, the National Museum, the Botero Museum, La Casa de la Moneda, and the Museo Del Oro. Interestingly, if you want to glance at the living culture of Colombia, visiting La Quinta Camacho, a neighboring city would be the most perfect idea.

  • Cartagena

Cartagena has been included as a World Heritage site by UNESCO and is counted among all the highly visited cities in the Americas. This scenic city secures a remarkable position as it was a major business hub during the Spanish rule. You can see the excellent colonial architects throughout the modern city. You should pay a visit to magnificent monuments like the impressive fort of Castillo San Felipe de Barajas.

cartagena colombia

The peaceful silence amidst natural beauty, mesmerizing sea beaches, and fascinating restaurants will attract you to spend some more time there. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, Cartagena was a significant Caribbean port and so wandering through the colorful city will bring you the ultimate experience. To make traveling comfortable, in general people are seen preferring Southwest Airlines Multi City Flights. However, choosing a flight is a subject of one’s choice.

  • Medellin

Decades before, Medellin was commonly known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. However, the notorious identity of the city gradually wiped out and over the course of time, the pleasant climate started attracting thousands of tourists regularly. Do not forget at any cost to visit the world-famous El-Penol; a 740-step staircase built into a giant rock located in Guatape. Interestingly, you can plan to visit this city around the year as the average temperature is ideally 24* C.

Medellin colombia

In August, the famous flower festival is celebrated zealously for 12 days. While roaming around this colorful and modern-day vibrant city people often presume as if walking in a lost era. Along with island and beaches, beautifully restored luxurious restaurants, and colorful colonial architecture will truly mesmerize you. Nonetheless, Getsemani, Bocagrande, and soaring Catholic Churches are other vital points of attraction in Medellin.

  • Tayrona National Park

Do mention the marvelous Tayrona National Park in your must-see list while going to Colombia. You will just forget about everything with the beautiful natural sight full of healthy animals in their natural-native habitats. There you may find, along with other general animals some peculiar and less found species such as the Andean condor, giant lizards, Caribbean ducks, etc. Deep bays and coconut palms make it a hot visiting spot.

Tayrona National Park

Pueblito Chairama and some other surrounding archaeological sites, the swamp forest, peaceful and clear coastal lagoons, old relics, and ruins are some of the other things of attractions at Tayrona National Park. You may get an excellent opportunity to spend some time in tranquillity in a hammock which will be a memory forever.

  • The Lost City

This is really an interesting sight known throughout the world for its dense forest, muddy spots, and bushy and thorny bushes. In fact, it has been the home of a number of known and unknown species of wildlife. ‘Ciudad Perdida’, the actual name for ‘The Lost City’ is believed to have been built around 800 AD.

The Lost City

The rarest collection of astonishing plateaus and mysterious stonework has been attracting travelers around the world to this dense forest in Colombia. For adventure enthusiasts, The Lost City is the most appropriate place to visit and explore something new to their credit. Be prepared to deal with some peculiar and poisonous sects of dangerous spiders, reptiles, lizards, unknown insects, etc.


Thinking about visiting Colombia would ensure you a fascinating experience. But, you must prefer Southwest Airlines Booking or a reputed airline that may meet your preferences adequately. A comfortable, peaceful, safe, and thrifty journey is mandatory to enjoy real fun at the right destination. Moreover, while returning, the same conditions are applied as well. Therefore, book your tickets and hotels in advance and explore Colombia happily.