Amazing Places Tourists Should Visit in Australia

Peter Biantes : Tourist Places in Asutralia

Australia is one of the best places to spend your holidays, says former CEO of Wattle Healthy, Australia, Peter Biantes. Wattle Health is a major health and wellness firm in Australia. It is a company that develops, outsources, and markets natural health products. Peter Biantes firmly believes in natural health products, hence why he worked at Wattle Health.

According to Biantes, Australia has amazing cities with amazing views all over the country. That is why Australia attracts tourists every year. Additionally, Australia is home to people of diverse cultures, ethnic groups, religions, languages, and personalities. Although Australia is a small continent, it is rather developed, beautiful, and full of life. The people there are vibrant and nice. So it is not surprising that the allure of Australia lures tourists to that side of the world.

About Australia

Peter Biantes describes Australia as a rich land that is developed economically, technologically, educationally, and culturally. It has produced several professionals, experts, famous stars, and scholars.

Australia has many great amenities for locals and foreign visitors. Therefore, people go there for a visit or to stay there permanently. Hence, you are going to enjoy Australia when you visit.

Descriptions of Australia

Australia is found amid the Indian and Pacific oceans, which makes it an Oceania country. Even though Australia is the largest Oceanian country and is among the largest nations in the world, it’s also the smallest continent. The country is blessed with scenic environments, stunning views, rare animals, and wonderful sights. It also has parks, beaches, museums, cultural and arts centers, waterparks, and so on.

Places to visit in Australia



It is the largest metropolitan Australian city. Peter Biantes says that it’s impossible to go to Australia and not visit Sydney. A capital city in Australia, Sydney has a lot to offer people. It very developed, and also offers many nightlife experiences, has wonderful food, shops, and many more.

In addition, there are two special things present in Sydney. These two are the stunning architectural designs called the Harbour bridge and the Opera house.

Things to do in Sydney

Tourists will never feel bored when they tour Sydney because there are lots of things they can experience there. They can go to places like zoos, harbors, gardens, beaches, museums, Quays, and so on. Then there is the hop tour that shows tourists around Sydney. And if you are tired of the bustling city, you can visit the mountains. Likewise, those who are adventurous can try bridge climbing or skydiving.



Broome is located in West Australia. Broome has become more popular in recent years due to an increase in the number of tourist visits. It is popular among tourists because of its natural environment and essence. Furthermore, it has several travel destinations and a large shoreline.

Things to do in Broome

There is Cable Beach filled with sand and sun and extends to a large area. The beach has massive red cliffs that overlook it.

Another place of attraction is the wildlife park called Malcolm Douglas Wilderness. The Wilderness is made of natural land that houses different wild animals.

If you wish to bask in the beauty of the moon that gives off a stairway optical illusion, then go to Broome. Then there is the unique theater called The Sun Pictures where you can watch movies.


Melbourne peter biantes

Aptly named the second-largest Australian city, Melbourne is a multicultural metro city. The architectural design of Melbourne buildings makes you feel like you’re in Europe. Melbourne is full of markets, bars, restaurants, festivals, and museums. What’s more, Melbourne’s transportation system is advanced, which makes it easy for tourists to move around. Besides, public transportation is free. Thus, many tourists prefer Melbourne because they will save money on transport.

Things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne has a national park called Port Campbell, an animal Island, and a Cricket Ground. Also, wine lovers can enjoy the taste of wine at Yarra Valley while enjoying the sunset. These and many more activities are available in Melbourne.

The Seaside Cities

The Seaside Cities

These cities are Port Douglas and Cairns. Both are surrounded by the sea and boast great reeds and forests. Sea life enthusiasts can explore both cities to find sea animals, corals, and islands. Of the two cities, Cairns is the bigger city and bustles more.

Things to do

Tourists can snorkel and scuba dive in the sea in both cities. They can also view the sea from the air inside a helicopter. While experienced divers can go underwater to explore the sea.

Additionally, tourists can go inside the Daintree forest to see the fauna and flora available there. Moreover, this forest is the oldest in the world, so a visit there would be memorable.


To cap it all, Peter Biantes warns tourists never to venture alone to the wilder side of Australia. This is because you may travel to places that are remote with no one to help you if something happens. For example, if you wish to visit the forest or explore the sea, go with a group of people. It is safer and more convenient when you are not alone.