Why you should choose Australia as a Travel Destination


Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the 6th highest in terms of area. It is a dream destination for all of us. Everything from the beauty of nature to the warmth of the city is worth exploring. If you are planning your trip to Australia, then here is a detailed overview of the country and the things you can enjoy.

Beautiful Landscapes


Some of the landscapes in Australia enhance the beauty of the country. The reefs, bays, dense forests, and national parks are the famous attractions falling under this category: –

  • The Great Barrier Reef is the only ecosystem that is also visible from the space. It is as beautiful from the outside as from the inside. It is home to around 600 sea stars, sharks, fish, dolphins, and turtles.
  • The tourists can lose themselves to the beauty of nature by spending a day at the oldest rainforest in the world. The Daintree Forest in Queensland comprises of forest cabins, waterfalls, and crocodiles.
  • Uluru Rock is the best place to witness the effect of the sunrise and sunset on our environment. Here you can see the color of the rock changing according to the sunrays. It is also a worship place for local citizens.

Soothing Beaches


The beaches of Australia are a treat to the eyes. The crystal clear water, along with breezy winds, bring peace to your mind. Some of the famous beaches in Australia are as follows: –

  • Whitehaven Beach: – This beach in Queensland is the most famous in Australia. The white sand, crystal clear water, hidden caves, and blue lagoons add to its beauty.
  • Cable Beach: – The visitors can have a serene view of the sunset, spot dolphins, and whales from this beach. They can also collect pearls and witness the footprints of a 130 million-year-old dinosaur.
  • Bondi Beach: – This beach lies at a short distance from Sydney and is popular among tourists. They swim, walk, shop, drink, and dine from the bars and restaurants by the beach.

 Mesmerizing Flora and Fauna

Australia is home to a variety of birds, animals, fish, and reptiles. The country consists of 83% of mammals, 89% of reptiles, 90% of fish, and 93% of amphibians from the whole world. You can see turtles, whales, sharks, orcas, manta ray mayhem, and giant cuttlefish. Apart from the wildlife, forests, plants, and trees of Australia are also one of its kind. The famous Eucalypt, Acacia, samphire, Casuarina forests also enhance the beauty of the country. You can visit the Great Ocean Road and the Cape Le Grand National Park to see the vast fauna of Australia.

Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities
Adventure Activities

Australia also offers a memorable experience to all its adventure seekers. The tourists can enjoy watersports, skiing, river rafting, and even go on a cruise in Australia.

You can enjoy water rafting starting from Franklin River to Gordon River, go for skiing and snowboarding, at the Great Dividing Range of Australia. There are also some water slides, and roller coaster rides for kids at the Gold Coast Beach.

Australia never disappoints dirt bike enthusiasts. One can rent out dirt bikes easily and cruise along with the South Victoria trekking range.

Drink and Dine

Australia is a perfect place for all the wine and coffee lovers. Some of the popular areas like Margaret River, Barossa Valley, and Laneways of Melbourne city offer the best quality wines. Wines like Shiraz, Pinot noir, and Smoky Rob Roy cocktails are worth trying.

Australia is a hub of barbecue. So, come here and satisfy your tooth with some hot and delicious barbecues. Here you can find barbecue grilling at any park or garden side at an affordable price.

You can also plan your trip in November to experience Australia’s largest food and wine festival. It is known as the Western Australia Gourmet Escape where you get to taste a variety of authentic Australian cuisine and drinks like Andre champagne.

If you wish to dine at a private place with small guests, then do visit Uluru. Here you get to have a grand feast while sitting under the stars and blissful music playing in the background.


Visiting Australia in between April to August is the cheapest among all the times, and the weather is also pleasant. If you live in a colder place and wish to have some warmth, plan your trip to Australia between January and February. One should always carry navigation tools like a map that would guide them through the journey.