How to Set Up Your Dirt Bike to Trail Ride in Your Neighbourhood


People use dirt bikes or motorbikes to exercise, have fun with family and friends, or as a sporting activity. People who ride bikes are called bikers or bike riders. Dirt bikes have handlebars for people to grab onto when they ride them. The handles help riders to steady themselves while on the bike and navigate the way. Jet Kernaghan, an avid dirt bike rider, said bike riding is a fascinating sport. Jet Kernaghan likes to bush walk and ride dirt bikes in his local areas and neighbouring regions. He also loves to produce music and use technical recording equipment and digital tools like DARWs, and so on.

Functions of Handlebars

According to Jet Kernaghan, handlebars are like remotes that control the directions of dirt bikes. The handles are the remote, while the people riding are the controllers. Dirt bike manufacturers set up handlebars in a way that makes them affect the bike performance. Therefore, the type and state of handlebars are very essential to professional bikers.

Brief Description of Handlebars

Handlebars are the manual handles of a bike that lets you rotate the motorbike to the front or back. Their job is to let the rider control the bike. These handlebars are measured in different ways such as the rise, height, width, and so on. Nowadays, manufacturers use aluminium to make handlebars. This is because it does not corrode as easily as other materials. Additionally, it is not a heavy-weight material, and this is perfect for handlebars. Assuming that handlebars are manufactured with heavyweight materials, the handlebars would have been heavy to hold. Lastly, aluminium handlebars are very durable and don’t bend instantly during a collision.

Categories of Handlebars

Handlebars can be categorized based on many factors. For trail bikers, the handlebars chosen are the perfect choice due to their flexibility and strength.

The Best Way to Move Handlebar

Bikers can move the handlebars any way they like. But Jet Kernaghan advised riders to position their handlebars to suit their height by adjusting the risers. It’s also possible to alter the handlebars position according to the rider’s position, technique, and height.

Note that setting the handlebars to a low height means you’ll need more strength to ride it. The proper thing is that the handles must be the same height as your height. Simply put, the handlebars should be in a good place for the rider. Being able to achieve this, means you’ve started your riding journey well.

Setting up the handlebars for your ride

Setting up the handlebars for your ride

Put the Right Handlebar in the Right Place

Assess the motorbike from both sides first. Your height and the height of the handlebars at the centre must be the same. This is also the same for anybody riding the bike. Normally, you can set motorbike into four positions. Set the motorbike to the middle position and for other positions too. For riders with average height, it’s best to set the motorbike to a neutral line. While short riders have other positions that are ideal for them. For instance, such riders put the handlebar close to the middle position. This is also good for those who don’t have long hands. And for tall bikers, it’s better to move the handles to suit their heights.

Rotating the Handlebar

Bikers can rotate the handlebars as they wish. They only need to follow the charts written at the handlebar’s middle. Check below the bar pad to view the written charts. The charts indicate the increasing line and middle position the rider can use for rotating motorbike handles. 

Additionally, align the handlebars to a middle or neutral line. The next step is to move the bike forward by using the handlebars. This will also give bikers extra room to manoeuvre the motorbike. On the other hand, shifting the handles in a backward position stabilizes the motorbike more. To avoid uncomfortable gripping, adjust the riser and the handles to a more comfortable position.

Grips and Levers Assessment

Finely tune the lever and check the grip. Then rightly fix the handlebars of the motorbike to firmly put the grips and levers in their right place. It’s quite common to see new riders incorrectly fix their grips and levers, and this can pose a problem later. So always inspect the position of these two things. Ensure the grips are in a centralized place and firmly in place. Afterward, carefully assess the position of the clutch lever and brake. You can ask a professional for help if you have no idea how to assess them.

What Happens if the Handlebars are Bad?

Never set your handlebars anyhow to avoid issues while on the road. If you notice your handlebars are bad, get new ones. Take the motorbike to a repair shop or order the parts yourself if you know what you’re doing.


In conclusion, dirt bikes are not difficult to ride. You just need to know what you are doing, and what to look out for and properly maintain them. As a professional rider, Jet Kernaghan warns bike riders to always put their safety first. This is why it is important to thoroughly check or inspect your dirt bikes before you go out on a trail ride. Lastly, ensure you always have a good standing position on top of your bike before you set out. This will make your bike stand more firmly on the ground and make your ride comfortable.