Genuine Leather Motorcycle Jackets

leather jackets

Riding a bike means fighting harsh weather conditions, avoiding serious accidents, and much more. Therefore, a motorcycle leather jacket is a must-have for a bike rider. Apart from protection, biker leather jackets jazz up your looks too. So, why not buy the one which gives comfort, protection, and fashion at the same time? However, buying genuine leather motorcycle jackets is a bit of a tricky task. They require a lot of factors to keep in mind while purchasing, especially motorcycle leather jackets. After all, they are quite expensive because if you end up buying them wrong, all the money would go wasted. Secondly, the motorcycle leather jacket reflects your style and individuality so, it should be selected carefully.

Before you pick a biker leather jacket for yourself, do consider the following attributes. We have formulated this guide to help you in buying the perfect jacket. Here is everything from suitable sizes to high-quality leather that is essential while selecting a biker leather jacket.

The Leather Quality

When purchasing a motorcycle leather jacket, the thing to observe at first is the leather itself. Leather quality should be quite high because a rider’s jacket is more prone to damage from sunlight and wind. One must always prefer leather jackets made up of cowhide or sheepskin. Leather jackets made from top grain genuine leather are durable, long-lasting and have great strength. The finishing of the leather should be semi-aniline due to its high strength and its sunlight and water resistance properties. Lastly, check for the thickness of the jacket. It should be above 1 mm because it provides protection against road injuries.

Leather is a purely natural material. If it is not treated carefully in the processes of tanning, preparation, and application, it might become porous and leak consistently. Leather is a water-repellent material however it is not 100% waterproof material. However, leather being an excellent windproof material provides you protection and keeps you warm during the winters. So, choose the full grain and top grain quality leathers to make a worthy investment.

The Fitting of the Jacket

Choose a leather motorcycle jacket of the perfect size. It should allow the body to move freely. Here is a tip to select a jacket of the perfect fit and size. Wear the jacket, get yourself into a riding position and then examine whether it is comfortable or not.

Leather jackets should not be oversized and baggy and honestly, men’s real leather jackets look perfect when they are of the true fitting. Baggy jackets can be a great hinderance for you making your ride risky.  Not even go for a skin-tight jacket, as it will not only cause you to suffocate, but it will also cause the jacket to rip off. Buy a perfectly sized leather jacket. This way you will look cool and protected at the same time.

Lengths and Measurements of The Jacket

The excess fabric in a long jacket causes hindrance in the movement of the rider. Therefore, usually, the length of a motorcycle jacket is shorter than other jackets. It should be suitable above your waist so that it is comfortable while riding.

After the overall jacket length, here comes the individual measurement of each part, for example, arm, shoulder, and chest, so that you know how to select the perfect men’s genuine leather jacket. First of all, the sleeve length should be exact. Sleeves should at your wrist in a riding position and at your palm when straightened. Secondly, measure the waist of the jacket. It should fit right below your belly button. Then, try out the jacket and pull up its zipper. It should feel just right from your chest. Neither too tight to make you feel suffocated nor too loose to be an obstacle while biking. It should fit just right.

Here is a tip to select a perfectly fitted leather jacket. Make a fist of your hand and try to fit it underneath the zipped jacket. If your fist fits in perfectly, then you are selecting the right jacket for yourself.

Armor Lining of the Motorcycle Jacket

A person opting for a motorcycle ride, no matter short, should never forget to wear their jacket. Men’s real leather jackets should never forgo the armor in them. Armor in the leather jackets protects the upper body from injury and fracture. Including armor at the joints and backbone area is important as they are more prone to injury. You will not feel uncomfortable while wearing an armored jacket as good-quality armor is quite lightweight and would not bother you during a ride.

Choose the Right Color

Casual wear or fashion wear leather jackets are selected in any color like brown, black, red, or blue. However, motorcycle men’s genuine leather jackets are to be bought in black or navy-blue color. There is no specific reason for that but maybe it is because of tradition. But, the color choice is not restricted to black and navy blue nowadays. You can select any color of your choice, it is open.


To select a men’s real leather jacket, you should keep the above factors in mind so that you end up buying a valuable jacket for yourself. For some people, the leather jacket is a major investment so if they buy the wrong jacket which does not even protect them their money is wasted on buying a useless thing.

Carefully observe the quality and features of the leather jacket which you are opting to buy. Do not buy them in such a hurry that you end up buying the wrong one. This way you will be protected. Leather jackets being a fashion icon for decades will give you a slaying look too.