Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company for Small Businesses

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The web hosting company you choose can either make or mar your online presence. The quality of their services will determine if a visitor will stay longer on your site, carry out the bottom line and probably visit again. Many businesses have failed due to poor functionality and bad user experience. And as a small business, the last thing you want is to have a web host that isn’t performing up-to-par or leaving your business at the mercy of hackers. That is why this goes beyond purchasing a domain name. You need to carry out due diligence and ensure you choose the right one among the pool of others for a successful online business. 

However, choosing the right one for your business needs can be a hassle considering the different pricing, similar yet different features, and hard-to-crack industry jargon. We have done the heavy lifting for you by providing expert tips for choosing the right web hosting company. Your small business deserves a good web hosting service as part of its requirement to skyrocket its growth.  

How Web Hosting Works

For websites or web applications, web hosting serves as home storing your data and files and safeguarding them. Signing up for a service is like renting a space in a server for your website to run smoothly and correctly. Your provider takes care of this space and ensures your business is visible to the online audience. Hence, when a user types your domain name on their browser, the computer connects to the web host your website is operating to fish out information and files to be sent back to the user and displayed on their computer. This allows them to view and explore everything your website entails. 

As a small business, you can start with a shared space where you share the space and its resources with other websites on one server. This is very economical as the cost of maintenance is shared with others. As the business grows and needs increase, you can opt for a dedicated server where you are completely isolated from others. Here, you have control over the server space and can configure it to suit your needs without affecting other users or being affected by their actions. 

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Tips to choosing the right web hosting company 

Here are important factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company:


A slow-loading website is frustrating website. In a fast-paced internet world, customers have got no time to wait on a site that takes too much time to load and they will probably not be visiting the website again. Plus, the fact that Google prioritizes a fast-loading website to deliver the best experience to the users. Hence, ask the web hosting provider about the hardware they use and check out the loading speed. Also, remember that a shared plan’s performance might not be as good as the dedicated or virtual private ones. 


A hacked account is one of the main reasons many small businesses packed up after so much has been invested in it. Small businesses are already limited on their pennies and many cannot wade off any breach in security on their own. That is why you need web hosting that is armed with the right tools and big on cyber security to ensure your online space is highly secured. Check the level of protection they provide before you settle. 


You are just getting started, therefore, you need as much support as you can get. From technical complexities to problems resolve, your provider must be able to hop in and help anytime you need them. This will make a difference between an issue that is solved promptly and one that gets your site grounded for a long time. Look out for their means of customer support and how quickly they respond to needs. It is also vital to establish a good business rapport with the customer service team. 


Can the web hosting service meet the demands of a spike in traffic or decrease in traffic? It is important that the company you choose offers flexibility to increase or decrease resources as needed, quickly and efficiently to match the number of visitors and traffic to the website. This is crucial, especially for businesses that fluctuate or are growing and might experience a peak in traffic in certain seasons and diminish in the next. 


As a small business, you need to maximize every penny as much as possible but this shouldn’t be to the detriment of the quality the web hosting company has to offer. That is why you don’t just go for the cheap service but for the best. Fortunately, most companies offer basic plans at an affordable rate and if you need more advanced features, it might cost extra. Understand your needs and pocket and go for the one that best meets them. Moreover, look out for any hidden fees and understand that while some might offer promotional fees in the first year to lure you, the prices might increase with time. 


A down website means you are probably losing visitors to competitors which can lead to a loss in conversion, leads, and revenues. That is why you need your website to be up and running at all times. However, web hosting services are not always perfect and you can expect things to go wrong at some time. But provider that is able to meet up to 99.9% can be worth trying. 

Features and add-on

This is an important aspect that can’t be taken for granted. The bandwidths provided, the level of storage, security, backup, number of domains and subdomains, and other extras such as email newsletter, and content management system(CMS) should be a significant part of your decision making. A blog site can do well with basic features while a site with huge traffic used for vlogging, live streaming, or where people are required to place orders will need more advanced features. Advanced features can include stupa for e-commerce, payment processing, uptime, and many more. These features are what set providers apart from others. Therefore, understand your business needs and go for the ones that best meet them. 


Choosing the right web hosting service can be overwhelming but these tips will help you to narrow down your options and choose the best one your business needs. That is why Bemoreonline remains your number one provider for all your website needs especially if you want the best service for excellent results.