How to Get to Know Your Target Mobile App Users Deeply?


There can be hardly any disagreement about one thing among the app marketers. It is the need to understand app users or target audience to communicate in a way that instantly resonates with them.

But despite this gross agreement in principle and practice, knowing the audience, especially on a deeper level, is not easy. This is why we are here to explain some useful tips about knowing the target app audience more deeply. Here we go. 

Develop Robust Personas based on Data 

One of the most useful recommendations to understand the audience is to develop customer personas. To build audience personas, you need to rely on data-driven inputs based on their conversation and earlier interactions. By understanding customer personas, a business can easily understand the important aspects of the target customers.

But how deeply you know the audience matters most. In reality, most businesses don’t know their audience deeply enough and know the user concerns and needs on a deeper level. Most businesses rely on data based on demographic parameters such as age, gender, role, and location. 

This is why it is important to use data about users from many different sources to bring together the customer persona. For example, you can use the “Acquisitions” tab of the Google Analytics tool to know your website audience’s sources. Make use of the sales calls, customer support tickets, and web discussions across channels to understand different customer layers or users to shape the personas. 

Carrying out Surveys 

When you carry out surveys, you need to go straight to the audience and know their preferences and dislikes. Now, carrying a survey on app audiences, you can use a variety of ways. App developers in India use surveys and market research tools a lot to know their target audience. Let’s discuss these survey types briefly here. 

  • By just connecting a landing page with Facebook ads, you can grab a lot of information from your target audience. You can easily get a clear view of the audience groups making the most clicks on buttons.
  • You can also use many interactive prototypes and surveys to understand the target users’ likes and dislikes.
  • You can also connect the mobile MVP with user feedback on the app. When you have a lot of user data, this method becomes beneficial to know users more deeply.

Track Comments and Engagements

When you have an app focused on content or social media enhancement, monitoring comments and audience engagements can help know app users on a deeper level. You can easily see how many audiences are engaging with the app and responding proactively. 

Ideally, enhanced engagements through various means such as comments, likes, and shares easily help you get a better view and understanding of the audience sentiment.

Track Social Habits of Users 

The tactical practice of social listening can be highly effective in understanding the audience based on outside sources. The engagement of the audience can also be seen with other competitor brands.  

The basic tactic here is to stay active on selected social media platforms and listen to the social conversations and engagement of the users to understand the trending interest areas and key pain points and preferences. 

Make Use of Smart Tools 

The ultimate way to get deeper learning about the app user audience is to help users make queries, deliver feedback, and sensitively react in situations. In this respect, the use of smart and well-equipped customer survey and analytics tools can be a great step for audience research. 

Many of these tools and solutions are only used parts, and they consist of tools for converting sales as well. While improving customer relationships and ensuring consistent business gain is a key focus area, only a handful of companies are equipped enough to use such tools.

Now since the existing customers are more lenient for purchased items from a company they are employed with, some tools are extremely helpful in offering deeper analysis and trends on existing customers and users. 

This is why it is always advisable to utilize all your resources and time in order to retain existing customers and understand their pain points and grievances with the app performance, user experience, or security. Social communication platforms like Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp can really play an important role in this respect. 

Without using automated customer surveys and query-based solutions to get some deeper knowledge about users, you can creatively reframe queries to get answers loaded with deeper customer insights and perspectives. Lastly, you can make customer surveys and data gathering across multiple channels. 


Market research and exploration is already a key strategic approach in digital and software development companies. The best thing about the surveys and market research is despite the competition, a more engaging user experience can itself be a level playing factor, and a brand, thanks to this, can focus more on user experience, which is already a deciding factor in the app battle. 

Since all the customer-centric predictions are quite challenging, they need to be changed with new queries and research approaches every once. Market research is a great level playing mechanism to help any business to express their preferences and reservations besides big brands.