A Guide to Printing a Notepad for Your Business

notepad printing

The current generation is getting digital choosing keypads over pens, soft copies of document files over hard copies, typing instead of writing, and scribbling. Going digital is essential, yes, but how do we ignore the goodness that simple things like notepads bring to our businesses?

Right, we are not talking about the digital version of notepads, the one we are referring to is the traditional printed bunch of papers that used to adorn the majestic seat on your table, available when you need to scribble down a phone number, or anything urgent. Notepads can also be used as a marketing tool to promote your business. Often used as a disposal at business meetings, notepads are a subtle tool that can also add as merchandise or a souvenir. Researchers have found out through various studies that taking notes on a laptop has been proven to be less effective than writing and taking notes. Even if each medium has its own merits and demerits, writing on a notepad is known to benefit one, giving them the freedom to scribble down your thoughts.

Notepads also play a crucial role in promoting and advertising for one’s business or brand. Printing a notepad is a critical task that not many printing companies can achieve. But at the same time, printing companies do the job that seems labyrinthine, relatively simple and easy. They deliver the quality products in a quick turnabout time and not only that, they help you by guiding you out of any confusions you have.

So before you set forward to print a notepad or banner frame for your business, what should be the pointers that you should not miss?

The intent

Why do you want to print notepads for?

Before going into the process of printing notepads, one needs to figure out and chalk down the intent of creating a notepad in the first place.

On which occasion are you planning to hand out the notepads? Or Is it an annual meeting, or is it for permanent purposes?

Note that for an occasion, you can design the notepad according to the theme and subject of the meeting, while you need to choose a more formal design for a permanent a6 notepad for your business. You can experiment with the artwork based on the occasion that the notepads are intended for.

Before going ahead with the further process of designing and printing, make sure you are aware of the purpose and hence have a brief idea of how many copies need to be printed. Try to be clear and understand the needs of your business and the occasion well enough to be able to align the printed products accordingly.

The design of the front page-

Front pages of the notepads are a significant part of the printing. It can carry the message of the business to the recipients. One needs to design the notepad in such a way that it captures the attention of onlookers so that they would be interested to know the company or business further. It would help if you tried to tone down the marketing and promotional messages on the front page so that it is not loud and is subtle. The design needs to be very artful, and the graphics should speak volumes about your business. The artwork on the notepad must be both creative and appealing. While adorable little images might fascinate, it might not be sufficient enough for your employer to take you with grave seriousness.

The style of the sheet-

After designing the front page of the notepad, the next thing that you need to focus on is the style of the sheets inside the notepad. Whether you want a single-lined type of the sheet or do you wish to have a blank one instead? You need to address these questions if you find yourself confused and unable to decide from the wide variety of options available.

Again, when designing the style of the sheet, you need to be sure of the purpose.

Who are the recipients that you are going to hand it out to? Are they going to be a part of the meeting?

Which type of business meeting are you holding, what is the purpose of your business?

Asking these questions before going forward with any expenditure is a huge must. Every business has different requirements to cater to. If the meeting is going to host people who are from the design field, you should go ahead with a blank notepad if it is a school or college or non-design business meeting, lined notepad is a good idea. Always ensure that starting from the beginning of the process, you are sure of the purpose. It is a very critical step that one can not afford to miss out on.

The purpose will draw out unnecessary confusions that might arise from the tray of alternatives available, and you would be able to pick out the best one possible.

The length of the notepad-

How thick do you want the notepad to be? Is it only for a quick scribble of ideas, or do you intend to use it for a longer time interval?

The number of pages that should be added in a notepad decides the type of binding they need in most cases. If the notepads are a bit lengthier, you should choose a Wipro binding. If it is a small bunch of papers, you can choose to have a peel-off notepad.