Grow Your Taxi Business with Smart Monetizing Practices

taxi booking mobile app

The taxi business has come a long way. From manually to booking a ride from the on-demand Taxi Booking Apps. The transportation industry is ever-evolving thus keeps changing to ensure that the customers are provided optimum comfort and ease while riding. All said with that, the Taxi Business Entrepreneurs are looking for ways to monetize their Taxi Booking Mobile App.

To make this easy to understand let’s have a look at the famous UBER taxi booking app and implement smart monetization strategies to boost your revenue. 

Taxi Booking Mobile App earn their revenue through multiple streams that include:

  • Generating revenue from individuals

The user books the taxi and pays for it. The Admin charges a particular percentage of commission on it. This is the primary source of income. The more distance traveled by the users the better revenue generation.

  • Revenue riding in different car models

Usually, the taxi booking app will display a range of car models to the customers categorizing in basic / carpool/ bigger car / luxurious car. Regardless of the distance, the trip fare varies. Thus the amount of the commission received by the admin to vary.

  • Charging commission from the drivers

When any Taxi driver receives a taxi ride request through the app, you can charge a commission on every ride booking. Most of the taxi riding-hailing apps are charging a commission between 20%-25% of the total cost of the ride.  

  • In-app promotions

Allowing 3rd party  banner ads,  within the app can help you earn huge profits 

  • Cancellation /Wait time charges

These are basic fees but, adds up to the total cost of the ride thus allowing the appreneurs to earn more revenue through it.

  • Surge fare pricing during peak hours

It is another sure shot way to generate more revenue by upsurging the fare prices by hiking the prices during peak hours, late nights, or when the drivers are less but the demand for riding is more.

How To Make A Unique Taxi Booking App That Generates Instant Revenue?

There are few pointers to consider before you make a white-label Taxi Booking App purchase. 

  • Gather your data, know your customer preferences and their expectations towards the taxi booking app. 
  • Evaluate your competitor’s app, what kind of app they are promoting in the market, their revenue generation practices to gain new possibilities, and so on.
  • Explore novel and better ways to promote your taxi booking app
  • Look for the new type of features, and how you can be unique in developing Taxi Booking Mobile App
  • Create a business plan to further your app project 
  • Set a practical MVP budget.


Taxi ride-hailing apps are here to stay. The Taxi businesses are constantly evolving, integrating with the newest technologies ensuring to get maximum reach of their customers. When you have developed an efficient taxi booking mobile app, ample opportunities are allowing you to generate multiple streams of income. 

Instead of investing your capital in developing a taxi booking app right from scratch, choose to build Uber Clone App that is equipped with great features and layout to impress your customers. Connect with an app development company to customize your Uber Clone App suiting your business requirements. This way you can quickly launch your business as quickly as a week.