What Should I Do If My Refrigerator Is Not Cooling Properly?


Refrigerators are an essential part of our life and without it, we would face some difficulties and our food will be at risk of getting rotten very fast. Especially in hot weather, it is important that your fridge should work properly and the food remains cool as well.

It is important to know according to the FDA, the ideal fridge temperature should be 40° F or less than that. There are some steps that you can take at home to repair your fridge if it is not cooling properly, or if the temperature is not 40° F or lesser.

Check For Plugs

When you feel like your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly, before calling any refrigerator repair service in Fairfax VA or any other service near you, make sure if the fridge is plugged in properly or if the switch is working or not.

It might sound absurd but there have been such issues where people readily panic and call a repairman without even first checking such simple basic things. So, stay calm and check the plugs and switchboard and set it properly.

Thermostats Setting

This again seems like a simple and silly suggestion, however, this is one of the most common issues that happen. Your thermostat setting might be at a higher level which results in less cooling. If you have recently bought a refrigerator, set it at a lower temperature as they are present at a higher temperature.

Once you start filling the fridge, you need to set it at a lower temperature as lots of stuff in the fridge can increase its temperature. It’s also possible that any carton or box might have moved the thermostat dials. So it’s important to check the thermostat setting.

Examine The Magnetic Seals

Before contacting any emergency appliance repair service, check if the doors of the fridge are shut properly. Examine the door magnetic seals and check if anything has broken the seals from somewhere which might be letting the cool air out. If you see any visible damages, then change it. If anything; dirt or dust, is covering the seal, cleaning them properly.

Use a diluted bleach solution to clean the door seal. Your refrigerator needs to be properly sealed and shut for it to cool the inside properly and effectively.

Clean Condenser Coil 

Check the back of your fridge; you will see a coiled rectangular structure there, called Condenser coiled. Condenser coils are filled with refrigerant that is that fluid that keeps your fridge cool. So, the coils and refrigerants should be very clean to cool the fridge.

Make sure that no dirt, fur, hair, or anything else is sticking in there because that reduces their cooling capability. You can buy a coil cleaning brush or vacuum online and make sure to use it once in a while.

Unblock Air Vents

Air vent actually expels out the air from the fridge and maintains a smooth airflow. So, it possible that anything might be blocking them from doing so. The blockage of the air vent stops the flow of the air which eventually stops the air from getting cool.


Take all the steps as guided above and check your fridge by yourself first. If all fails then it is best to call a repairman. Don’t begin to work with the technical area of the fridge if you have no experience. It might result in failure and your fridge will break down.

Make sure to check all the simple solutions first, so you won’t make a fool of yourself in front of a repairman. Also, this will help you save money for any simple outcome after the repairman checks it.