How to get rid of odours and dirty smells from the Mattresses


Mattresses are the main source where most of the people spend most of their time. Due to overtime, these mattresses can easily acquire an unpleasant sweaty smell. These odours and smells can distant your night sleep and can also spread various unhygienic health problems. So these nasty odours become a great problem for most of the peoples. And moreover, a person also doesn’t get much time to clean and make their mattresses these nasty odours and smells-free. But don’t worry as one can clean and make their mattresses dirt and dust-free but even then your mattresses can leave with a smell that would not go away. Moreover, various stains like urine stain, vomit stain, or food stain, etc. can cause various nasty odours smells. Thus a mattress can become smelly due to their repeated use. But don’t worry here are the various effective and natural ways through which one can use at home to remove odours and nasty smells from the mattresses without using any chemicals. These methods are explained as follows

Use of white vinegar

Under this technique make a mixture of warm water and white wine vinegar. Take a white cloth and sock this cloth in this solution. After that wipe down the mattress deeply with this cloth. The vinegar has natural anti-bacterial properties. So that’s why it helps in removing the smells and odour and also makes mattresses fresh.

Dry mattress in the sun

One can get rid of these nasty odours with simple effective techniques. Sun can do an amazing job of removing mattress smells. You only need to move the mattress outside on a dry and very sunny day Let the mattress remain there for as long as possible. Because the longer the mattresses are exposed to the direct sunlight the better the nasty odours will be removed from the mattresses.

Wipe with a lemon

Lemon can also be an effective method to remove the odours in mattresses. Cut a lemon in half and scrub this lemon on the whole mattress. After that wait for a few hours and let it dry. Lemon will help to remove the nasty odours and also leave a fresh lemon smell. This method of odour remover works best for general stains or sweat odours on mattresses.

Use of baking soda

Baking soda can be used as a natural deodorizer which will help to remove all odours and dirty smells from your mattresses. Simply you only have to sprinkle the baking soda on the whole mattress. Now leave it for 40-60 minutes after that vacuum up the whole mattress and you will notice that all the smell has been gone from the mattresses.

Use of Corn starch

Corn starch can be used to clean urine stains and urine smell from the mattress. Simply one only needs to sprinkle the corn starch over the spot area on the mattress after that sprinkle small water drops on it and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. After that remove the corn starch with a paper or cloth and clean the spot area with the cloth.

Use of laundry detergent

Laundry detergent can also be used to clean the odours smell from the mattresses. Generally, sprinkle the detergent on the mattresses and wait for it for a few minutes. Try not to use water and after some time simply vacuum off all the detergent from the mattress. It will not only clean the mattresses but it will surely remove all the smells and odour from the mattress.

Thus these were all the homemade natural methods through which one can easily get rid of all the nasty odours and smells from the mattresses at home. Moreover if by using these methods one doesn’t get effective results then don’t worry simply hire the professional’s mattress cleaning services. Professionals like our company Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney provide the best Mattress cleaning services in Sydney at an affordable price. Our experts will remove all the odours and smell from the mattresses with a 100% guarantee. One only needs to contact us and the rest of the work will be our expert professionals who will surely remove all the nasty odours and smells from your mattresses plus also sanitize your mattresses at low and desirable prices.