i3 vs i5 vs i7 vs i9 Processor: Which Will be the Right Processor for your Laptop

laptop under 25000

You may be all set to buy a laptop for multiple needs at your end. But given the kind of laptops available across brands in India, it may become a tough task to pick the best. 

What’s more, the availability of multiple processors in your notebooks such as i3, i5, i7, and i9 further may complicate the matter. Hence, here is a quick post that will help you know which processor is right for you. Continue reading this laptop guide!

Intel has the reputation of being the widely considered processor. The processors of Intel are powerful and high performing. Intel i3, i5, i7 and i9 are the key tiers of core processors. We are segregating these processors based on the user type. 

If you are an office goer, then you will be looking for a laptop that is able to do the basics. If you need a laptop for web browsing, email, social networking, MS-Office and occasionally watching movies, then it would be good to go for i3 processors. It is a low-cost processor and even energy-efficient to provide you with a longer battery life. 

  • The student 

A student would like to do a lot of multiple things at a time, and even academic assignments are done. The common activities on a laptop for students include watching movies, listening to music, web browsing, social networking, a bit of gaming and movies. In this case, going for i5 would be best to support all needs easily. 

  • The gamer 

The basic motto of a gamer is to play games without drops in frames. The common activities of a gamer include gaming, internet chat, multitasking, and screen recording. You can go for a laptop with i3, i5, i7 or i9 – the higher, the better for all gaming needs as per your budget. 

  • The professional

A professional wants a laptop that is able to handle intense workload and multitasking. The most common tasks of a professional on a laptop are coding, 3D modeling and video editing. These types of people are looking for workhorses, and for them, Intel i9 processors are the best. 

For all who want nothing but the best out of their laptops should go for laptops loaded with Intel i9. 

Based on what category of user you are, you can go ahead and pick up an Intel processor as per your needs and budget. We have compiled a list of best laptops below 25000 if you are looking for a laptop for basic needs. 

Dell 14 3000 Inspiron 3481 Laptop

  • Intel Core i3 7th Generation processor 
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM 
  • Linux/Ubuntu Operating System 
  • 1 TB HDD
  • 14-inch display 

The cost of this Dell laptop in India is around Rs.25,000. 

Asus VivoBook X412UA-EK342T Laptop 

  • Intel Core i3 7th Generation processor 
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64 bit Windows 10 Operating System 
  • 256 GB SSD
  • 14-inch display 

The price of this Asus laptop in India is around Rs.25,000.