Top Easy Ways to Make Better Live Videos on Social Media

Live video

We have heard of lots of benefits about live video streaming services and how it helps brands to leverage. Ever since the existence of online live video streaming it has become the core of marketing strategies. In the current era of digitalization live streaming is the most powerful and effective marketing tool, that is helping several brands to expand their reach and grow enormously.

Walking with the current trends, every social media platform is offering best in class features for online live video streaming. Live webcasting on social media platforms gained hike ever since periscope started live video streaming services way back in 2014.

Following the footsteps of the periscope, almost every social media app has inculcated live video streaming services into their platform that allows brands to reach potential target audiences around the globe without any geographical restrictions, thereby boosting brand presence and sales.

Live webcasting on social media platforms allows the brand to connect with its audience on an emotional level through real-time interactions. It has helped various key players to come up with a new approach as well as new brands to establish itself and create a buzz on the Internet.

Delivering a clear brand message and reaching a maximum number of audience globally, is the major agenda for any brand.

But some small marketers have struggled a lot while streaming live on social media platforms and to build a strong relationship with its customers.

Sometimes a buffering video fails to gather audience attention or sometimes the online live video streaming event fails to engage the audience effectively.

Have you ever wondered why your live webcast on social media platforms gains only view views and likes?

If you are unable to find the answer till now, we are here to solve your puzzle. Live webcasting on social media platforms is the most effective way for brands to leverage and build customer’s trust. Making your live videos better can effectively work for any brand and make your market grow enormously. Let’s go through some ways to make better live videos that help brands to attract more audiences.

Some ways to make the best live streaming videos

  • Practice before streaming live

Sometimes when a brand opts for online video streaming, the shyness of facing the camera is a major flaw. Practice beforehand, so you do not hesitate when you are live webcasting on social media platforms. You will only be able to attract and engage the audience when you are comfortable in front of the camera. Just be yourself and practice beforehand as it will help you to confidently interact with your audience while engaging them throughout the live webcast.

  • Prepare an outline for online live video streaming

Prepare an outline of your live webcast beforehand, to give a smooth online live video streaming experience to your audiences. Decide about the topics which you will discuss during your live webcast. Make it interesting that motivates the audience to take action during Live webcasting on social media platforms. A quick outline would help you to go step by step when you are streaming live, without getting fumbled in the mid of your online live stream.

  • Invest in high-quality equipment

When a brand plans to live webcast on social media platforms, the live streams must look professional. It will carry the image of the brand in front of millions. With the latest advancements in technology, smartphones are coming with high-quality audio and video effects, but nothing can beat professional equipment. It helps in delivering an ultrasonic experience. You must invest in a good camera as these are the lenses through which you will be able to give a clear video quality to your viewers. It will make your live streams look professional and deliver exceptional results.

  • Check the audio quality of videos

The audio quality of videos makes a huge difference in attracting an audience or turning them off. The quality of the audio enhances the online live video streaming. Opting for an external mic will help in delivering effective results and can make your live stream successful. You can choose from various audio options available in the market for delivering an effective live video.

  •  Lighting plays a major role in making videos look better

Lighting conditions play a major role in making your videos look professional and worth streaming on social media platforms. The right use of light helps the live stream achieve optimal results. If a live stream consists of dark shadowy images instead of proper lighting, the audience will leave the live stream as soon as they tune in with excitement to catch the valuable insights. If possible try using natural light in your live streams to make your video look better. Videos that are shot outdoors in natural sunlight will do the trick to make your object appear brighter. Opting for artificial lights, when it becomes dark outside can serve the purpose.

  • Engage your audience effectively

An online live video streaming should be capable enough to engage your potential audience until the live webcast lasts.  The most effective lifestream engages the audience through its interactive session during the mid of the live webcast. You can ask your audience questions or can answer the most valuable and lovable questions by customers during the live webcast. It helps in building audience trust while keeping them engaged throughout the live stream. It makes your business popular by attracting a large number of audiences.