7 Car Parameters That Can Tell a Lot About Its Owner

7 Car Parameters That Can Tell a Lot About Its Owner

Experts say that we can learn a lot of information about someone’s character by analyzing the things that surround this person. Favorite clothing style or color can determine the person’s tastes and preferences. Moreover, a car can also tell a lot about the driver’s personality. In this article, we gathered seven car parameters that can tell a lot about its owner.

1. The car’s size

Ther is a popular belief that a large car hints at hidden complexes of its owner. But the reality is that confident men and women are often prefer to drive SUVs. If the person chooses massive cars, it speaks more about his or her independence, excitement, and love of freedom. People that prefer miniature cars are usually sensitive and practical. They don’t pursue status and often choose small cars to reduce environmental damage.

2. Driving style

Some studies show open and good-natured people with a stable nervous system prefer leisurely and safe driving. This means that if a person drives calm, he or she is self-confident and more prone to altruism. But aggressive driving and risky maneuvers show anxiety, impulsiveness, or accumulated stress of the driver.

3. Price

The stereotype that selfish people prefer to drive more expensive cars is not so far from the truth. Studies have shown that owners of expensive premium cars are more focused on their own benefits. They are less concerned about other people’s opinions and more seduced by adventures. Such drivers are more impetuous and purposeful than those who choose more modest cars. People who prefer inexpensive cars are more attentive to others and law-abiding.

4. Body color

Black is considered the most popular car color. This color reflects the owner’s desire to emphasize the personal strength and remain safe at the same time. People that choose the white color of the car are prone to perfectionism. The blue color means that a driver is most likely to be a reasonable person, an extrovert, and an optimist. Friendly and open-minded people with a good sense of humor usually drive yellow cars. The red color (contrary to the stereotype) doesn’t indicate the expressiveness of the driver but red cars cause a more aggressive reaction of other drivers.

5. Person’s behavior while driving

Do you like to ride with friends and chat while driving? Are you distracted by the choice of radio stations and tuning mirrors? Plenty of distracting trinkets in the car means that a driver is a friendly person. However, you should know that such people are more frivolous as well. Some researches show that more than half of road accidents occur because the driver was distracted by a conversation with passengers. That’s why it is better to postpone communication until a more convenient moment.

6. Vehicle interior

When a person decides to buy or lease a car NYC, he or she starts to subconsciously perceive it as a second home. That’s why the cleanliness of the car approximately reflects the situation that prevails in the driver’s apartment. Complete chaos in the vehicle interior is likely to uncover an infantile person while an absolute order indicates excessive pedantry of the car’s owner.

7. Transmission

There are two types of transmission such as mechanical and automatic. Fundamental rejection of one and adherence to another can tell a lot about personality. People who consciously choose a car with a mechanical transmission are more conservative. The feeling that they fully control the situation is very important to them. They are not afraid of responsibility but sometimes they can take on too many tasks. Easy-going people usually choose an automatic transmission. These people are usually more open to new things and knowledge, loyal to others, but they may be less attentive and responsible.