5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Old Car

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Old Car

Sooner or later car owners face the need to sell their old car and buy a new vehicle. Regardless of the reasons for the sale, no one wants to lose the money invested. That’s why it is important to understand the actual value and condition of the car you are going to sell. If you want to trade-in your car for the new model or sell the car to a buyer, you need to know that there are a lot of factors that can increase your costs. In this article, we gathered five mistakes to avoid when selling your old car.

1. To be uncertain about the value of your car

If you are going to trade-in your old car or sell your car for cash, you should have an idea of how much such a car will cost in the market. The lack of this information can lead to the loss of a significant amount of money on the car sale. Fortunately, there are websites that can help you. You can visit online markets for used cars and find out the cost of similar cars. You can also get the value of your vehicle by evaluating it at several wholesale or private dealers.

2. To make repairs in order to increase the car’s cost

Another mistake is to repair your car before selling it. Of course, you can get more money for a car with a repaired transmission than for the same car with obvious problems with the transmission. But that reality is that you will not get back the whole amount you spent on overhauling. 

If your car really needs repair, make a written assessment of the repair’s cost. This can help in negotiations if the potential buyer will claim that the car is overpriced. If you are selling your unrepaired car via the Internet, describe all the problems in the ad. A lot of people buy cars with significant flaws if the price is appropriate.

3. To use poor quality photos

Today, smartphones have become almost universal gadgets and they can take good quality pictures. That’s why there is no excuse to use bad pictures in the ad if you want to sell your car. Place as many photos as possible in the ad, including all camera angles, several interior images, pictures taken under the hood, and in the cargo compartment. Professional photographers note that a cloudy day or a shaded area provides more appropriate lighting, especially for interior shots. You should also consider the attractive background on which the car is located.

4.  To meet in an unsafe place

You should know that there is a lot of people that were attacked, injured and even killed by some strangers who pretended to be interested in buying their cars. But the good news is this happens very rarely. Despite this fact, it is important to protect yourself in all available ways. Set your first meeting in a public place and ask a friend or family member to visit it with you. One of the possible places is parking near the shopping center. Another important thing, don’t let your zeal to sell a car mean more than your own safety.

5. To be deceived when receiving payment

Being deceived when receiving payment is one of the worst situations for every seller. For example, the check that you accepted as payment turns out to be a fake and you find it only a few days (or weeks after the sale) and the term for the possible termination of the contract has already expired. That’s why a cash transaction is the best option for you. If you received a large amount of money for your car, check the authenticity of cash in large banks before handing over the keys, documents and the car itself. Moreover, it is better to avoid personal checks and cash receipts of small banks.