8 Effective Solutions To Boost Your Link Building Process In 2022

Link Building

If you have been struggling to rank for keywords with high competition, then you may have noticed that proper Link building plays an important role in ranking competitive keywords. And when you check the page metrics you will find a lot of high-quality links pointing to that article.

Surprisingly even the newly published pages have a lot of backlinks in less than a few days. How do they get a lot of backlinks in such a short period? Is there any shortcut? Don’t worry we are going to clear all of your doubts. As we are going to share some of the best solutions to start automatic link building.

How You Can Boost Your Link Building Process?

Generally, link building is a lengthy process, Hence it will consume too much time if you were to create them manually one by one. Even a complete newbie can find quality backlinks using these powerful tools. However additional knowledge is required for faster results and progress. But using this SEO link-building software can be very easy once you are familiar with them. So let’s get started with our collection of the best link-building automation tools!

1. MoneyRobot

One of the most popular backlink builder software in the market. The money robot is something on another level! It simply provides the facility to submit your content along with the backlinks on various website platforms such as,

  • RSS
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Press Release
  • Web Directories
  • Wiki Articles
  • Social Network Posts
  • Article Directories
  • Forum Profiles
  • Web 2.0 Blogs

Thankfully, the usage procedure is simple and you can learn it quickly. The software provides an easy-to-use interface where you just need to feel in the information regarding the content you wish to create backlinks for.


$67/month or $497 for lifetime access to the software

2. SEOSpyGlass

The second most useful link-building tool is  SEO spyglass, Specially made for curating information related to high-quality link profiles. With this easy-to-use tool, you can grab the best opportunities for quality link building.

Revealing the external and internal websites linking to your competitor’s blog. Acquiring those precious links for your blog will be much easier for you when approaching other bloggers in the same niche as yours.


Either you can choose the free version with limited features or pay for the service ($149/year) with extended usability.

3. LinkDetox

Another great link-building tool that can help you achieve quality links in no time. Regardless of how badly low-quality links can affect your blog rankings. You can easily use this amazing tool for detoxifying your overall link profile. As the link detox helps you with the following terms.

  • Build a quality link profile with a collection of high DA & PA backlinks.
  • Allows the user to properly use the thousands of signals and data objects to their advantage for a better link-building process.
  • Automatically filter the low-quality links from your list of possible link-building opportunities, to prevent your link profile from getting ruined by such links.


  1. Small – $499/month
  2. Standard – $799/month
  3. Plus – $1,999/month
  4. Ultra – $2,999/month

4. Ahrefs

If you are looking for a complete pack of tools that are built for detailed backlink monitoring and tracking then Ahrefs is made for you! With Ahrefs toolkit you can easily scan millions of links and URLs according to your requirements.

Being one of the best raven SEO alternatives, Ahrefs will help you summarize the quality link-building opportunities that you can use easily for link-building. From determining the current search engine positions to analyzing your competitor’s URL you can perform anything with the following features.

  • Crawling Data Reports
  • Simplified Positions Explorer
  • Custom Ahref Alerts
  • Content Explorer
  • Accurate Position Tracker

Most of these features are very easy to use even for a complete beginner, so don’t worry if you have not used Ahrefs previously. Now talking about the pricing you may find it a bit costly to pay $99/month yet, it’s worth the price when you are getting so many services bundled together.


  1. Lite – $99/month
  2. Standard – $179/month
  3. Advanced – $399/month
  4. Agency – $999/month

5. Screaming Frog

If you are looking for an efficient automated link-building software then screaming frog should be your thing! Because unlike other solutions on the Screaming frog, the complete process of link building is handled by SEO professionals and creative content marketers.

Hence, resulting in an improved social presence and higher SERP positions, an Automated link-building service from the Screaming frog is worth every penny! According to the screaming frog, the term “Link Building” is quite outdated. Instead, they prefer to provide compelling reasons that can attract quality backlinks automatically for a specific blog.


The pricing will be decided depending on the size of your project. So you will have to contact them first and specify your requirements.

6. Linkody

Linkody is perfect for any beginner blogger who wants to understand how link building works. Being very affordable and easy to use at the same time, It provides near to accurate information related to the complete analysis for your competitor’s backlink profile.

Hence, with the help of linkody, you can simply curate the best backlinks which are working for your competitors. While using other features like top pages will give you a basic overview for growing your overall link profile.


  1. Webmaster $15/month
  2. Advanced $25/month
  3. Pro $50/month
  4. Agency $100/month
  5. Agency Xl $154/month

7. SemRush LinkBuilder

Being one of the top SEO analysis service providers in the industry it’s not surprising that SemRush also provides an in-built LinkBuilder tool. After signing in to your SemRush dashboard, simply choose the “Link Building Tool” and you will be redirected to the link builder interface.

The process is divided into 3 simple steps,

  • Research
  • Connect
  • Track

Following these simple steps will allow you to improve your outreach prospects.

while minimizing the efforts and investments you would normally make to generate such quality backlinks. And features like automatic contact information gathering, workflow manager for better tracking, and detailed metrics for the current campaigns won’t disappoint you.


  1. Pro $120/month
  2. Guru $230/month
  3. Business $450/month

8. Hunter.io

Sometimes finding the legal contact information of similar bloggers can be a real headache. So link-building software like Hunter.io can spare you an extra hand searching for accurate contact details. Whenever you approach a new blogger expecting to get a Dofollow backlink from him/her.

It’s one of the popular methods used by professionals to get in touch with similar bloggers without interrupting their workflow. By using this amazing tool you can grab the contact information for literally any website you want! And hope to receive a permanent Dofollow backlink from them.


  1. Free
  2. Starter $49/month
  3. Growth $99/month
  4. Pro $199/month
  5. Enterprise $399/month

Final Words

Link building can be very boring if you are aiming to generate thousands of backlinks. It’s natural for most bloggers to create backlinks on a large scale to compete with others. But using these amazing automated link-building solutions can save you a lot of time and money at the same time.

However, we recommend testing results first so you can decide whether to implement them on your content or not. Do share the article with others if you found it useful. And don’t forget to mention any other working methods or software you prefer for automated link building.