6 Amazing Tips To Boost Your SEO

Raymond Halliwell SEO Tips

While there is a lot of SEO advice and tips out there, most don’t deliver desirable results. And some are already outdated and seem to work no more with Google’s constant change in algorithm. With an abundance of tips and tricks flooding the internet, choosing the right one can be  challenging. That is why Raymond Halliwell, a digital marketing expert on actionable SEO tips that have proven to improve organic rankings without getting penalized. It’s time to let go of those that aren’t working and embrace the real deal that will Improve your search rankings. 

Add relevant subtopics to existing contents

It is not okay to miss essential points during the first draft that could have improved your page rank in search engines. Keywords might be less ranked due to missing subtopics which might lead to less visibility for your site. Rank the subtopics and include major keywords to improve ranking.

Add backlinks from one page on your site to another

Backlinks are interlinked that are added to new pages. These are links from a page on one website to another to give easy navigation to visitors. To increase your site ranking, add more interlinks to the pages. Search for relevant opportunities with high authorities and interlink them on your page. You can do this by searching for the website URL with the keyword you are looking for. If there are many keywords, filter them and prioritize the ones with the highest authority over the others.

Check for competing Backlinks that undermine and decrease the performance of your content

There is room for improvement if your keyword is not yet ranked as number one. Check for the ranking first with a SERP checker. Competing Backlinks can be a result of other pages having a lot of referring domains that pushed the ranking of your site back. Look for areas where your page beats others and use the contents. That is, go to pages with less view, reach out to them, direct and link them to your page to improve traffic and visibility.

Revamp your blog posts as video content

As individuals, we are different and we have different preferences. This is also applicable to content we view on the internet. Different people prefer different content formats for their business websites. Hence you should find out which format your audience prefers and tailor your content format according to your target audience’s needs. Most people prefer video formats. Therefore, you can change your blog post to videos or embed videos related to topics or keywords that most people search for on YouTube on your blog posts to reach a wider audience. This will level up your ranking on the Google search engine.

Check and fix pages that have broken backlinks

Backlinks that lead to dead pages are not useful according to SEO. They no longer exist nor do they help other active pages in their ranking. To know a broken backlink, filter for error 404 pages in a Link report, and if pages with referring domains exist, then the backlinks are broken.

Broken backlinks can be fixed by:

  • Reinstating dead pages deleted by mistake.
  • Redirecting a URL of dead pages to new URLs or redirect nonexistent dead pages with a similar page to the old URL.
  • Requesting for a link change. Only fix dead pages with high-quality backlinks or leave them at 404. To check if a page backlink is of good quality, go to the backlinks report.

Convert custom-made infographics, illustrations, images, etc into backlinks

Others might make use of these images in their contents and link back to the image source instead of the main page (source link). To check if people are using your image without proper linking, go to any image on your website, right-click then click on “Search Google” for Image options available on the menu. You can also copy and paste the link to your website on Site Explore. For this, click on Backlinks report, look for links that have .jpg, or .PNG, in the URLs of the backlinks and you will see the sites that have inappropriately linked their contents to your images.


We hope these tips given by Raymond Halliwell can be of help in your SEO journey. The good thing is it doesn’t take time and it can be implemented in a few hours. With these, watch your website pages rank high in no time.