3 Mistakes to Avoid While Blogging

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If you want to be a great blogger you have to be creative while blogging. Internet is full of bloggers and writers so what are the things that make you stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of mistakes that new bloggers even some experienced bloggers make. 

Samuel Nathan Kahn, commonly known as Sam Kahn from Manchester, a well-known writer, publisher in the UK working in the field for almost 7 years. Through his experience, he has earned a lot of followers and he likes to provide knowledge about writing and blogging for newly emerging bloggers. Here in this article, he is talking about the most common mistakes that bloggers often make.

If you want to be a good blogger then there are 3 main mistakes that you have to avoid while writing.

Choose a topic relevant to your audience 

The most important thing bloggers make is choosing the wrong and irrelevant topic of blogging that is not targeting enough of their audience. Choosing the right topic is one of the most important things while writing a blog. Sam Kahn Manchester suggested, choose a topic that has some educational value rather than just writing down words on a topic. Talk to your team and discuss what are the topics that you can write on that can favor you and the firm that you are writing for. You have to be creative, consistent, and confident while writing the content.

Not keeping up with schedule consistently

Creative, consistency, and confident are the three aspects of blogging or content writing and the most common mistakes new blog writers do nowadays are not being consistent while writing. The more you blog the more traffic you get and the more customers you will acquire. Take your time to think about the topics you want to write about check for synonyms and new words get yourself to work and post as often as you can. Samuel Kahn says that you don’t have to post daily It is not mandatory to post every day but you have to make a schedule for posting articles on the daily basis and be consistent with your audience.

Not being creative while writing 

Whenever you write or read a blog the most important thing is a catchy hook and great use of wordplay to make the content better and enjoyable rather than just being boring. You want to engage more audience so writing in the clean language and putting all the creativity while writing a blog not only makes your content fun to read but also makes your audience engagement more. You don’t want to be lost on the internet full of blog writers that write similar types of blogs. If you want to make your blogs more enjoyable than the rest of the bloggers then you have to take steps that others are afraid to take.


Choose the topics that will engage more audience and will impact the current audience you have, Sam Kahn Manchester concluded. Be consistent while writing a blog. Post blogs at a specific time regularly that can keep your audience engage with you

Open up the doors for creativity while writing but write regarding the topic only be as much creative as you want to there is no stopping you while being creative.