Tips for Monetizing A Blog As a Beginner

sam kahn manchester- monetizing a blog

Have you been blogging for some time yet, your income generation is not what you expect? Then these Sam Kahn tips for monetizing a blog can help you out.

Monetization is the process of making money from your blog. It is not a magical process but requires critical and analytical thinking and mathematical skills. It is not about inflating the price of your products. It means utilizing a good money-making technique that conforms with the present and future goals of your blog. Here are the tips needed to monetizing a blog and make money from it by Sam Khan commonly known as Sam Kahn Manchester.

Affiliate marketing

This is the most common way of making money with your blog. It is beneficial for those who are new to blogging with nothing to sell. The first step is to create innovative content that will confirm to affiliate proposals you want to give out. For instance, if your blog is about fashion, you can market affiliate clothes, shoes, and bags. The content will entice the customers curious about fashion. Therefore, trading these kinds of commodities will give you additional income.

Providing Ads

As stated in my Sam Kahn Manchester blog, “Running advertisements only effectively work and generate adequate income only if you have more than ten thousand visitors a day on your blog”. Anything less than that will give you a small income. It can be a bit challenging if your blog has less than a thousand visitors every day.

Another way I will advise you to choose to have a deal with advertisers. Use display advertisement instead of pay per click advertising method. Ensure that the advertisement is within your area of specialization or field. This will generate more income for you than using pay per click method.

Email Trading

The importance of email marketing is understated. It can help your blog to generate income immediately. You first have to develop your email or contact directory. It can be used to endorse your blog, send updates about your blog, and attract leads. There are a lot of marketing forums for email that can be utilized by your blog to generate revenue.

Create a great relationship to connect with your visitors. Use email to combine affiliate marketing with selling your products and services. With my years of experience, your blog will yield a considerable amount of money. You can read more on how to combine affiliate marketing with your products on Samuel Kahn’s blog.

I would advise you not to cease blogging just because you haven’t seen a quick outcome. Monetization from blogging takes a while.

Develop an online course on blog monetization

If you have a flair for teaching, you can put up lectures online for monetizing a blog. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced or a new blogger. If you are an expert digital marketer, you can upload lesson notes on digital marketing skills. Give quality lessons free of charge to your customers. After you have created a name for yourself, have an exclusive package for clients who pay. Let it be different from those who are not paying. Your visitors will readily pay for those exclusive content.

Online course creation gives you continuous income generation because the lesson notes can be used severally.

As an experienced content writer, I would like to conclude that bloggers need to create quality content to attract visitors. The more visitors you have, the more money you get from it.