6 Fights To Look Out For


For martial arts lovers, watching fights is an interesting and fun pastime. They especially love to watch their favorite fighter like American fighter David Cummings have a duel with their opponents.

David Cummings is a martial arts professional who has fought and won many fights in America. He has trained in many self-defense fights like MMA and Thunder Muay Thai. David has also participated in every fight, including local fights and international flights like UFC, and so on. He also invented the David Cummings martial arts techniques for his fans and followers.

About UFC Opening Fights

Martial arts fights like David Cummings Muay Thai fights, kickboxing, and so on are types of UFC fights available. The first fighters to open the event are Brazilian fighter Alex Pereira and New Zealand fighter Israel Adesanya. Alex was the one who challenged Israel to the fight. In addition, Alex has beaten Israel two times in a kickboxing fight and fought with him in an MMA fight. So it is safe to say that Alex is the UFC champion. Israel on the other hand is also a champion who has won many championships.

Other fights in the Opening Match

Zhang Weili and Carla Esparza

The second fight to follow is between Zhang Weili, a Chinese fighter, and Carla Esparza. At the end of the fight, Zhang won and became a champion. Carla has won two championships. While Zhang, a former champion who had previously lost a fight, won his battle with Zhang.

Michael Chandler and Dustin Poirier

Then, Michael Chandler and Dustin Poirier met in the ring for the lightweight category. Many people looked forward to this fight and didn’t regret watching it. Hence, the fight was nicknamed fight of the year. At the start of the fight, Dustin appeared to be winning the fight, however, Michael later won in the third round.

Molly McCann and Erin Blanchfield

Molly McCann and Erin Blanchfield were not left out of the event as they battled it out together. Molly McCann, a British fighter, lost to her opponent, Erin Blanchfield who is 23 years old. Erin’s fight with Molly was among the most entertaining and promising fights this month.

Fights you must watch

Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira

Alex previously challenged Israel to a fight and won! Alex, a kickboxer and MMA fighter, knocked out Israel in the fifth round to clinch the championship title. Just like how David Cummings kickboxing style makes him unique, Israel is also known for his kickboxing techniques. It was the first time Alex won a fight with Israel. Now, people are clamoring for another fight between Israel and Alex. They would like to see if Israel, a tough fighter, will reclaim his title.

Rose Namajunas and Zhang Weili

A Rose Namajunas and Zhang Weili fight will be an epic one. Many people think that Weili is stronger and more talented than Esparza, even though Esparza is a champion herself. Weili has already won a match, making her a two-time winner and a great fighter. After her win, she has the chance to choose a new opponent herself. She can choose between a Brazilian fighter or another Chinese fighter like herself. But her fans suggested Rose Namajunas, who was defeated by Esparza. Ever since her defeat, Esparza has not engaged in another fight. So a fight with Weili will be a commendable one.

Beneil Dariush and Dustin Poirier

Beneil Dariush and Dustin Poirier meeting in a fight will be a thrilling show for their fans. Dustin is an MMA champion who defeated Michael Chandler in an earlier fight. Dustin was expected to move up in the championship rank when he won, but the reality is different. After he won his battle with Michael, other fighters, who are stronger contenders, already took the slot from him.

Renato Moicano and Dan Hooker

These two fighters are champions in their own right. Dan had won against Claudio Puelles. While Renato won fights against Brad Riddell and others. Thus, a fight between the two is a must-watch.

Andrea Lee and Erin Blanchfield

Women fighting in the ring is a common thing. What is however special is that these two fighters are big champions respectively. Andrea has won two times before, while Erin beat Molly McCann in a previous fight.

Dustin Jacoby and Carlos Ulberg

Carlos once fought with Nicolae Negumereanu and won. He needs a  fighter who is strong enough to stand in the same ring, and that person is Dustin Jacoby. Dustin is a good fighter with a high rank.

Brad Riddell and Renato Moicano

Brad Riddell and Renato Moicano fought together, and Renato won the fight in a big way.


Lastly, UFC fights occur in November every year in the U.S., precisely, in New York.  Furthermore, the organizers show the fights on television for those who can’t watch the show live. But the television version is not free, you need to pay to watch it. It will soon be the time of the month for another fight to occur. You can watch fighting styles like David Cummings Kickboxing styles and many others.