The Milestone of Your Food Delivery Business Vests with the UberEats Clone App

UberEats Clone App

Hi! The year 2020 was in no favor to any of us. The pandemic worst-hit several businesses, leading to a devastating situation. But the situation didn’t persist as businesses started exploring ways to keep their operations afloat. In this blog, we are about to see the various food delivery industry changes that flipped the conventional mode of operation.

Before moving on to the fact that UberEats Clone food delivery businesses survived this pandemic, we shall look into the future demand for the food delivery industry.

How wide is the scope of the food delivery industry?

The food delivery industry has started to spread out its verticals rapidly. Previously, food delivery services were popular; however, the pandemic forced people to give more attention to food delivery services. Since restaurants were not allowing dining, people had no other way than to order food online.

According to the Statista website, the revenue generated from the food delivery industry is US $9,207 in the year 2020. The forecast says that the annual growth rate of revenue will increase by 9%, 13,233 million U.S dollars by 2024.

Statistics on the food delivery services during the pandemic imply that nearly 43% of people in the U.S. prefer online food ordering rather than moving out for a restaurant. Likewise, 23% of people prefer picking up their food orders from restaurants rather than delivery services.

The above statistics are enough to provide strong evidence that food delivery services are the new normal, and it will continue to be the same. Therefore, you can start your food delivery venture without any hesitation. The upcoming sections will unveil the trends in the UberEats Clone food delivery business and how to launch your services.

Trends prevailing in the food delivery industry 

Getting accustomed to the present situation is necessary for any individual or business. The food delivery industry unshackled all the challenges thrown by the pandemic’s onslaught by introducing newer methods. Here you will get a clear understanding of the various techniques adopted in the food delivery industry one by one.

Restaurant pick-up – Though picking up parcels from restaurants was in existence, and the pandemic boosted its importance. People can order their food items via the app or website, go in-person to the restaurants and get the orders. This way of picking up orders from restaurants will avoid the contamination of viruses, thereby ensuring safety.

Contactless delivery – Another method is the contactless delivery option. While delivering the orders, the delivery person will place the order at the doorstep without establishing direct contact with the user. Also, it is mandated to wear gloves and masks during the delivery process.

Meal-kit delivery – Meal kit delivery is becoming another trend in the food delivery industry. Users can select the ingredients or the raw materials needed to prepare the food items. The UberEats Clone provider will organize the ingredients and deliver them to users. This way, users can buy the ingredients and prepare the food in no time.

Cloud kitchen – Previously, restaurants would take up the ordering, food preparation, and delivery processes. But the trend is slowly shifting towards the cloud kitchen model. Cloud kitchen is a place where food is prepared and delivered. Restaurants can approach these cloud kitchens and get the food prepared and deliver them to users via delivery persons.

Omnipresent channels – The need for omnichannel has become highly necessary for restaurants to increase their sales. If you wonder what the concept of omnichannel is, then here you go. The omnichannel allows the restaurant to take orders through various sources and integrate them into a single system. For example, restaurants can take up orders through websites, phone calls, apps and dispatch the orders without any hassles. Similarly including QR scanning options, click and collect, etc.

These are the trends prevailing in the food delivery industry. If you aim to secure a top place in the industry, you have to abide by these trends. Now, let us see the food delivery app that offers a consistent flow in processing the orders.

UberEats like App – The Dawn Of Food Delivery Industry

Owning an app that tucks in several features and a robust system is crucial. Therefore, here you will get the recommendation for the food delivery app. The UberEats clone app is the dawn for your business as it is a congregation of great features supported by an excellent back-end system. To justify the above statements, here are the features of the UberEats Clone app that will motivate you to launch the app.

Pre-book orders- There prevails an increased need for scheduling the food orders among users. Keeping in mind the preferences of users, the app has an option for pre-booking orders.

Track orders – With technology, anything has become possible, and one such is the order tracking feature. After booking the orders, users can check upon the location of orders via the app itself.

Voice-over route navigation – The UberEats clone app has a voice-over feature with which users can guide the delivery person to reach their destination.

Call masking – The app’s call masking feature lets users and delivery persons contact each other via the app.

Manage orders – Restaurants are notified about the orders placed by users so that the restaurant manager can order the food and dispatch them without missing out any.

These are some of the app’s significant features that will provide an edge over other food delivery apps.


The blog has uncovered the facts and statistics regarding food delivery services. Besides, the blog explained the various trends that are being adopted by the food delivery services. You can very well establish your brand by launching the UberEats clone app. Be the next wave in the food delivery industry!