How to Solve Noise Problem in a Restaurant

soundproof ceiling tiles.

Loud restaurants are not only annoying for the guests coming to eat, but also for the people working at the restaurant. They are the ones who are constantly in a noisy environment. They might not realize this at first, but the noise running around in the restaurant constantly can mess up with their health big time.

This is why we need acoustic solutions in place. We have acoustic solutions everywhere: home, offices, malls, etc. A lot of modern restaurants have this problem where they do not have any curtains or other objects that can absorb the sound. This can be problematic. But they need to come up with effective sound-absorbing techniques. If this problem persists, it will not be helpful for the guests and eventually, the restaurant will have to suffer the consequences.

Echo Eliminator

One of the most economical solutions for a restaurant is the Echo Eliminator. It is made out of recycled cotton fibers. It has a slightly aesthetic finish, unline a lot of other soundproofing or acoustic solutions. It can easily be used as a soundproof panel that blends smoothly into the background. It can easily mix with darker colours.

Fabric wrapped fiberglass panels

Fabric wrapped fiberglass panels one of the most popular acoustic solutions for restaurants. The reason for them being so popular is because you get to choose from colours and different sizes when you are selecting fabric wrapped fiberglass panels. Boards of fiberglass are basically cut down to size. They are then wrapped in many different types of coloured clothes. Because this option is custom made, it can prove to be quite expensive for a business. Also, the product is slightly fragile compared to other products in the competition.

Sound silencer panels

The sound silencer panels are also a good option. Though there is a very limited amount of noise that gets absorbed here. They are mostly used for their aesthetic in restaurants. There will be very limited options of use for this acoustic solution.

Different ways of reducing noise

Soundproofing chairs

When the chairs are moved around or used there is a scraping noise that is produced and it is not a pleasant one. But this can be avoided by adding rubber soles to the chair legs. This is one way of soundproofing the chairs. You can also use chairs that require a certain amount of fabric. So for this fabric, you can use soundproof fabric. This way a bit of the noise around the table can get easily absorbed by the chairs themselves. This will also help you avoid any scratches on the floor.

Make use of curtains, rugs, tablecloths

People do not realise this but more and more furniture in the restaurant can help immensely with sound absorption. A lot of modern restaurants have this problem where they do not have curtains or even tablecloths. This can prevent them from absorbing a lot of the noise that can be easily eliminated by these simple objects. These are little steps that can create a lot of comfort in the restaurant space. Curtains and rugs are some of the best things. There are specific materials that can absorb a lot of sounds and you get curtains and rugs made out of that material as well.

Separating the kitchen

The open kitchen style is very modern and interesting but a lot of the noise that floats around in the restaurant comes from the kitchen itself. It is important to have a barrier or a wall between the kitchen and the seating area. This wall can be made out of soundproofing materials which will not allow any kind of voice leak from the kitchen to the seating area. Doing this will only help in the favor of the restaurant.

Ceiling and Walls

Ceilings and walls are the major parts where soundproofing or sound absorption materials can be used. If you do not use those sound absorption materials in the ceilings and walls, they will keep amplifying the noise. You can make use of soundproof ceiling tiles. You will notice soundproof ceiling tiles in a lot of shopping malls. A suspended ceiling tile system is the best way to absorb a lot of noise. Suspended ceiling tiles can be put up in any kind of place, not just restaurants. Insulated ceiling tiles have the best soundproofing properties. There are also other types like metal ceiling tiles and baffle ceiling. You can choose the suited one as per your needs.


If you are worried about your restaurant design being ruined due to insulation materials, we assure you there are many ways to make insulation materials look pretty and aesthetic. A lot of these sheffield insulation materials are made by keeping these aesthetic requirements in mind. The companies know how important aesthetics are for a restaurant and they need to follow that design. But soundproofing your restaurant is important. It is for the well being of your guests and your staff.