Opening up the Super-App Market in Oceania – Guide to a Gojek-Like App

Gojek clone

For many people, Oceania is similar to Gotham city or Wakanda –  the place sounds fancy. But it really exists. The geographic region of Oceania consists of Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. There are globally renowned financial powers like Australia and New Zealand, and on the opposite end, there are economies like Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and Tuvalu. Sandwiched in between them are midsize economies like Fiji and Tonga.

There are a few interesting things to note about this smallest inhabited continent. Australia, and especially the Australian stock exchange, is all set to embrace decentralized digital ledger technology. New Zealand is considered to be one of the most welcoming environments for startups. Even across this wide spectrum of geographies, on-demand businesses have been steadily growing. The diversity of the market might not be congenial for a one-size-fits-all solution.

Introducing Multi-Service App Businesses 

This opens up opportunities for multi-service applications or super apps as they are fittingly and endearingly addressed. Super applications have found immense success in the neighboring territory of Oceania, especially in Southeast Asia. Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia have immensely benefited from these Super apps.

If we were to look at Southeast Asia, it is quite similar to Oceania. There are advanced economies like Singapore and Malaysia and mid-level economies like Cambodia. If a solution can work in that region, likely, the same will also work in Oceania.

The governments of Oceania have some of the best support ecosystems. The governments ensure that the companies and startups, in particular, do not run out of cash. It is as simple as establishing a sole trader business in some other parts of the world. The online ecosystem of the government is so robust that you can incorporate your company within a few hours through the government’s online portals. The process of starting a business is a lot less complicated in the countries of Oceania.

The Process Of Setting Up

The first step towards setting up a business is to have a perfect business plan. The business is a recognized legal and financial entity. You are expected to fulfill and comply with the country’s legal requirements in which your business will be incorporated.

Although a super app offers multiple businesses, it is important to understand your market to determine the most profitable segments of businesses. If we take New Zealand, for instance, hospitality and tourism will always be in demand, and it would be so even during these times because New Zealand was one of the most efficient when it comes to countering the COVID-19 crisis.

Although cosmetic, the logo, the brand-name, the tagline, and the brand identity play an important role in striking a chord with your customers. They need to be planned and executed with uncompromising perfection. Like any other business, it is strongly recommended that you commence your operations confined to a small area and slowly expand after testing the waters.

The Possible Services 

Although a super app is about offering multiple services, most super applications offer the services listed below. It is to be noted that not every super app has the same starting point. Even when we look at examples from Asia, some super apps started at financial services, and some of them started as a simple call center for bike taxis.


Super apps should start when there is always some demand, and there is no better realm than transportation. Even here, the need for transportation is quite diverse. On one side, there is an evergreen need for taxi services. The same fleet of cars and gig drivers can also help in corporate travel, travel solutions for school children, and even luxury travel. Auxiliary to this, we also have ride-sharing, carpooling, and car rental services offered by the same super app.

– Delivery

An offshoot of transportation is delivery. Food, grocery, and medicine delivery services have found unprecedented acceptance and profitability during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is to be remembered that the core offering of a super app like Gojek is the gift of convenience, and delivery services make an integral part of the offering of convenience.

The presence of grocery outlets and restaurants scattered all across Oceania and the prominence of certain specialties make delivery services not only ideal but a necessary arm of your super app like Gojek.

– Services At Home

Although some services can be “delivered“ at home, there are a few services that belong to homes. Your super app can offer services like plumbing, electrical work, and other handyman services like carpentry, so people do not have to go through the hassle of finding the right person to deliver these services. It also opens up earning opportunities for specialists living in a particular area.

The imposition of restrictions on stepping outside homes has also brought many other services into the spectrum. People have now started to avail beauty services like hair styling, manicure, and pedicure in their homes’ comfort. Besides, there are a few other services like babysitting and pet working that are slowly starting to gain prominence, and you can offer them as a part of your super app.

The Advantages of A Multi-Service App

The idea of getting multiple services from a single app does, on the surface, sound like a great idea. However, you can expect a lot more from this app, both from a customer perspective and a business perspective.

Customers do not have to remember multiple login details or entrust their legacy login credentials to multiple service providers, which might compromise security. It becomes easy for customers to use refunded cash as they do not have to wait for the next time to avail of the same service.

The business does not have to shell out a lot to market new services as they start with an already-existing audience. In most cases, businesses even capitalize on third-party app developers who build applications to integrate into the super app ecosystem seamlessly. Above everything, businesses can diversify their avenues of profit. Even if one stream of business fails, the other service is bound to fetch them the revenue they need to sustain their business.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a super app is the richness of data it provides. With the data, it becomes easy for the business to profile a customer to sanction microfinance for the customer without compromising on their payment capacity. It is one of the reasons why microloans offered by super apps have meager default rates.

Getting The Tech Ready

It might seem that the technology that goes behind super applications is intense and convoluted. While it cannot be completely denied, the availability of white label solutions makes the technology easy to acquire and set up. The business will now have to concentrate only on operations and marketing.

White label solutions also save a lot of time and money. Since they are available as products, they can be literally “purchased.“ The product has already been perfected, so you will not have to encounter bugs and glitches that might interfere with the basic functionality expected out of the product.

White label clones of super apps like Gojek also offer extensive customizability. This would mean that you can garnish the app with the interface and features of your choice.


Now that you are aware of Gojek clone apps’ availability, all you need to do is get in touch with a company that specializes in Gojek clone app development and customization. They will take care to understand your business requirements and customize the app in line with your needs, so you can come up without wasting much time and leaving it to the mercy of competition, launching your own super app business in Oceania.