Tips for Stylish Home Renovation

Anthony Wardan- home renovation

A home renovation and design expert, Anthony Wardan has learned a lot to share on home designs after years of being in the game. But one thing still remains important, your home should reflect who you are and what you stand for. ‘While many are beating themselves up on the latest decor trends and colors, think of what you want your home to represent and how you want to represent it. Think of the emotions and feelings those changes to your home can evoke. After all, your home is where the heart is saying can be applied literally to home decor. You want your home to be a safe haven. A place of comfort and happiness for you and your loved ones, your home decor should reflect just that. Here are the top tips by the director of Maple Living, Anthony Wardan for a stylish home renovation that you will love. 

Make comfort a priority

Your home should be a place of comfort and while various factors contribute to how comfortable a home is, interior design is part of them. From the colors you choose to the accessories, they can make a whole lot of difference in making your home cozy, inviting, and comfortable. Things like improving the air quality of your stylish home, good lighting, introducing houseplants and many more can go a long way. 

Discover your inner connection

With the myriad of home decor options out there, you might find yourself lost on which one to choose. One way to go about it is to choose the one that resonates with you and portray who you are. Check out styles and take out time to truly discover the one that inspires you. Understand which kind of home you want and which one is a true reflection of yourself. If you are more of nature, there are good rustic or Zen styles that will best portray that. If exotic design spices you up, you can consider Moroccan style. You want your home to look and feel truly yours. 

Choose colors with mental health in mind

Don’t just go for any colors that seem attractive with no cohesion and harmony in your interior design. There is a role that colors play in your mental health and this is one aspect that can’t be ignored. Choose colors that promote happiness, positivity, and inspire creativity. Choose the one that will soothe your body and soul. Let those colors blend in with your environment as well. 

Incorporating earth tones and wooden elements is a great way to achieve those goals. The earthy colors are soothing and will help you relax. This can be seen in composite decking on your exterior additions or in adding lush pots of plants here and there.

Make a good impression with your entrance 

The entryway is one place that is often overlooked but doesn’t forget that’s the place your visitors get to see first before entering the house. How about making a statement with your entrance to make a good and lasting impression. If your door has seen better days, you can start by changing or painting the door to make it more attractive. Get a good welcoming mat and you can also add some potted plants. This is a good way to instantly transform your entrance into a more welcoming and attractive place.

Little things count

Home renovation and designs don’t have to break the bank. Little tweaks here and there are probably what you need to change your home into something to fall in love with. Sometimes, it’s not about buying new furniture or painting and finishing, you can as well make do with what you have. Your old furniture might only need some new coat of paint, says Anthony Wardan. The cushions might need some throw-in pillows to breathe life to your living room. Your bare dull wall might require some wall art to make it interesting. Changing the direction of lighting in your room can change the ambiance.