How to Build a Stylish Home in 2021

anthony wardan- stylish home

In the year 2021 everything is evolving whether it is technology, style, home décor, or any other thing. And everyone is following the trends that are going on so why not create a home that is stylish in 2021? In 2021 a family home is just not to relax, play or rest, it is the place where you spend time with your family creating 100s of memories. Anthony Wardan, a director at Maple living and here are some tips that can help you create a stylish home in 2021.

Pick a color that looks refreshing

The most common mistake people do while creating a stylish home is picking the wrong colour. If you want to create a stylish home for families with small children you must aim to provide a calming environment for them but also match the colour with the interior or something that complements each other. Try out new colour combinations and be creative with your choices.

Pair the interior with some antique artifacts

In 2021 everyone is adapting retro trends. Retro clothes, retro jewellery. So the best way to create a stylish home better than the rest of the homes is to choose a vintage theme, it not only looks good or feels good but also provides a subtle finish to the room. Anthony Wardan also suggests that antique artefacts can be cheap or can be expensive but sure they are worth to give it a try.

Use material that provides a warm and cozy finish

Everyone likes to relax at home after a bad day or an after a hectic day at work and one doesn’t want his or her house to look bad. So, create an environment that is filled with cozy materials, warmth and give texture to the rooms. Everyone likes a room filled with cozy materials and good vibes so the use of cozy materials will help the style of the existing or new house to have a step forward from others.

Use nature as an inspiration 

There is another trend that has taken the home décor by storm after the pandemic and that is bringing nature to home. More and more people are using artificial plants and grass mats to give their room a natural finish. During the pandemic, people were not allowed to go to parks and visit Mother Nature so many people thought of bringing Mother Nature to them by creating an artificial Nature scenery in their room or the balconies. After the pandemic halted this trend became so much popular that many people are still decorating their homes and rooms with artificial plants so if you haven’t still tried this trend you should go and try. 


If you are planning to style home in 2021 and you want to do it differently, above tips can make you stand out of the crowd in home design. Good colour scheme, retro artefacts and being creative and playing with both of them can help you stand out from the crowd concluded Anthony Wardan. Playing with nature can also help pair your home with some artificial plants that can also be a major part of your home glow-up.