Amazing Yet Inexpensive ways to Revamp Kitchen Worktops

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Different elements make a kitchen comfortable, functional, warm and welcoming altogether. One of these elements is the kitchen worktop that needs to be shortlisted and picked with caution. It has to be hard enough to withstand heat and liquids, should have a good stain resistance and look as stylish and attractive as the other elements of your kitchen decor.

You managed to make the best pick but now you are somewhat bored with the look and appeal of your kitchen worktop. You badly want a new one but installing a brand new worktop isn’t what you can afford. You don’t wish to spend a fortune to remodel your kitchen worktop by sourcing one from classy kitchen worktop suppliers. Well, then you are on the right page. Here, in this article, we are going to reveal some incredible ways you can count on for revamping your kitchen worktop. The ways are simple and inexpensive yet they have the potential of leaving a huge visual effect on your kitchen. Without any further ado, let’s find out how you can give your old kitchen worktop a facelift.

Paint It

All the DIY fans would love this idea, as you can have a nice creative time while painting your kitchen worktop. On the other hand, you can always count on a professional painter to get this work done. Painting wooden kitchen worktops London would be the best thing to do; however, you can also paint the laminate ones without any worry. The only difference would be the preparation, which is more intense and involving with laminate worktop painting. You can use textured spray paints to give your laminate worktops the luxurious stone worktop look and feel.

Deep Cleanse

You sourced a gorgeous worktop from the leading kitchen worktop suppliers some time ago, and now you feel it has lost all its charm and glory. After all, that poor worktop has had the grime and dust all this while. The everyday cleaning or that you do at regular intervals is now failing to show its effect. This indicates that it is high time you give your kitchen worktop a deep cleanse. Pull out microwave, toaster and all the other appliances that you might have placed up there and clean underneath properly. Give the entire surface a proper scrub using hot soapy water and sponge. Probably some stubborn spots on the worktop require a palette knife to be scratched away. You would be amazed to find how deep cleaning can restore the lost shine and appeal of your worktop.

Polish and Reseal

Even the best quality marble worktops tend to lose their shine with time and use. If this is the case with your marble worktop as well, you can go for re-polishing and resealing. As the marble worktops are porous and tend to absorb liquid spills, there is a possibility that your worktop has gone dull because of stains. Seek professional help to get it resealed and polished so that it becomes an impressive element of your kitchen again.

Transform It

If you live in a rented apartment or aren’t ready to invest in any pricey permanent changes at the moment, you can any day go for temporary transformations. You can easily transform your old and unappealing kitchen worktop into a new and attractive looking one in a budget. All you have to do is to clean the surface and apply a contact paper of your choice, which you think would best suit the rest of your kitchen decor. You can watch thousands of videos online showing how to apply the contact paper nicely and neatly.

Fake It

If you have had enough of the stone or laminate kitchen worktop feel, you can always fake it to bring a pleasant difference to your kitchen. You can turn your laminate worktops into marble or granite lookalikes, and vice versa, with the help of papers or paints. This does not require much investment, both time and money-wise.

Chalkboard Worktop

If it is not just aesthetic appeal but also the functionality of the worktop you desire to increase, then this one would work for you. All you require for this one is the primer, chalkboard paint and roller. After painting a base coat and letting it dry, coat the worktop with chalkboard paint.

Declutter and Place Plants

Yet another simple yet powerful way is to declutter the worktop is to clean it and place plants on it. After the decluttering, you would have some good space to place small potted herbs and plants to make your tiny kitchen herb garden. This would not only add functionality to your kitchen but a lot of life and cheerfulness as well.


Revamping a kitchen worktop isn’t always time-consuming and expensive. Rather, with smart planning, it can be simple and financially viable yet powerful enough to leave a big impact.