Worktop Materials That Work Best With White Themed Kitchens

Silestone Iconic White

A white kitchen is a great value addition to any home and can make space look larger than it is. Look at some of the countertop materials that work best with a white-themed kitchen before choosing one for you.

A white kitchen in its entirety is truly breathtaking. It not only contributes to making a smaller space feel more spacious but also tends to blend in with another décor seamlessly with plenty of redecorating options whenever the need arises. If you are designing a white themed kitchen and want to know the best worktops, here are some alternatives to look at.

Wood Kitchen Worktop

Wood is one of those materials that fit right into space without any issues. Wood can be a people pleaser in a white-themed kitchen and can easily enhance the look of the area. It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional kitchen or a fashionable one. A wood kitchen countertop works well with both styles.

Ensure to choose darker tones for formal kitchens and paler tones for more laid back kitchen spaces. You can also combine colours in the same area by choosing a white kitchen worktop and complementing it with wooden cabinets or a wooden island worktop.

Ceramic Kitchen Worktop

Another worktop material that works well for a white themed kitchen is ceramic tiles. Worktops made of ceramic are colourful and textured, in addition to being hygienic and versatile. Due to the availability of a broad spectrum of colours and patterns, they can easily match existing decor with ease.

Ceramic worktops can also be created with thicknesses of 10mm, imparting a refined and fashionable look to your kitchen. Added to this is the fact that ceramic is cheaper than other countertop materials and are highly durable in terms of heat and moisture resistance.

Silestone Kitchen Worktop

A Silestone iconic white countertop can look stunning in a white themed kitchen. Silestone also offers a unique fluid pattern that is hard to match by most countertop materials. Silestone features several benefits like heat/moisture resistance, bacteria resistance, scratch resistance, etc., which make it an excellent choice for busy kitchens.

Concrete Kitchen Worktop

A concrete worktop offers an industrial look to a kitchen and can easily match a white themed kitchen design. Available in matte, as well as polished, variants, concrete can be poured to varying thicknesses. Though it is a bit pricey when compared to other countertop materials, it makes up for the high cost with its strength and durability.

Marble Kitchen Worktop

Marble, as a material, would become the focal point of a space with a white kitchen worktop. Offering just the right bit of texture to an otherwise elegant and modern white kitchen, marble comes in different colour and design variants. It makes it easier for you to choose the right design and colour for your white kitchen.

Granite Kitchen Worktop

A favourite of many homeowners, granite features in several domestic and commercial kitchens around the world. It is due to the luxurious look it imparts amidst the various other benefits it offers to kitchen worktops. Blending form and function, granite kitchen worktops are durable and save you plenty of money in the long run.

Quartz Kitchen Worktop

A man-made stone, quartz provides the same durability as that of natural stone and is one of the most low maintenance kitchen worktops out there. The consistent stone quality of quartz enables it to lend a refined, finished look for a kitchen worktop in a white kitchen. Some quartz worktops are also engineered using recycled materials, making them eco-friendly. They are also stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and can withstand thermal shocks with ease. Added to this is the fact that quartz worktops can be customized according to personal specifications, making them great additions to white kitchens.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Worktop

A stainless steel worktop can offer a polished, industrial look to a white themed kitchen. The ability of the material to reflect light makes it a great addition to small spaces, which naturally look bigger. While it may not be as scratch or dent resistant as other countertop materials, it does offer the vibe of a professional kitchen if you are willing to forgive the occasional marks and scratches on the surface.

Glass Kitchen Worktop

More and more homes around the world have started incorporating glass in their kitchen worktops. Glass worktops can take up a part or all of your worktop space and can make your kitchen worktop look stunning. When combined with a white themed kitchen, they can make a big design statement.

One of the main benefits of glass worktops is that they are available in a limitless palette of colours, as well as unique designs. These countertops can also be customized according to individual preferences and offer a glossy, sleek and stylish look to a white kitchen. Some more benefits of glass countertops include their extended durability and hygiene, along with the possibility of cutting them down to exact size to fit a kitchen worktop to the T.