5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Builder for Your Home

Anthony Wardan- perfect builder

The process of building, or purchasing a house feels like a dream come true. However, it does get stressful at times, trying to make it right with such a significant investment. How you choose the home builder makes a great impact on the final outcome of the house. To help you build the house of your dream, here are some important factors to consider when selecting the perfect builder by the director of Maple Living, Anthony Wardan.

Level of Experience

This may seem redundant to add, but not a whole lot of builders with experience obtain a high project success rate. It is important to consider not only the experience of builders but also their level of understanding with regards to the area they operate the building in. 58% of builders with such understanding acquire 5 times the success rate of the ones that don’t.

Anthony Wardan, with his 25 years of experience in home-building, has successfully crafted a deep level of information for different neighbourhoods. Based in Australia, Warden and his team have achieved an unbelievable success rate of 91% across all projects in the past years.

Proposal of Additional Services and Features

Paying more for what you’re bound to receive is certainly an unpleasant feeling. A truly good builder provides you with deserving values in comparison to the proposed price.

Notice the red flags when the builder demonstrates a “package” of service with very limited options to choose from. It puts you in a box thus ceases creativity and imagination. Such an act shows half-hearted, bare minimum effort.

Anthony Wardan is the man to come to when it comes to additional services. He would, for example, be willing to join you in the process of choosing furniture for the house, with the requirement to find suitable, fitting pieces for the house design.


It would also be a big red flag if builders avoid the warranty talk. Professional builders show their credibility and quality of work by assisting their clients with warranties. Considering the amount of time and money put in, the idea of a warranty appears to be vital.

Presence of Preparation and Brochure

It’s not always about brochures, it’s about requirement gathering, analyzing, planning and implementation. Understanding the requirements, creating drafts and communicating with the client at every step, makes the building project more agile. As architecture and designs are key factors as to how the house would shape, hence one should pick a team that is well equipped in this department.

Quality Assurance

The quality of materials should never be compromised and should be considered closely by the buyer before building or renovating their home. The dexterity of workmanship is also an important factor to be considered while selecting the builder. An experienced and qualified builder would always keep a check on the quality and progress of work. Transparency in the work schedule and providing access to the buyer to constantly check guidelines and updates on the progress of the construction of their homes.