Handmade yet Modern Kitchen Design Ideas you Must Know

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The kitchen is rightly said to be the heart of a home. You use this area for cooking and social gatherings and spend quality time with loved ones while preparing meals. Thus, this part of the house must nicely be decked like the rest of the rooms.

But are you feeling overwhelmed due to so many kitchen design options? Don’t be, as we are here to help you explore some beautiful ideas for creating a modern kitchen design in London.

Check out the following design ideas to breathe a new life into your dull and bland cooking space. With the addition of some key elements, such as handle-free cabinets, one wall accent, and more, you can quickly transform your kitchen’s look without any major renovation. The list is never-ending, but all you need to do is let your imagination flow for letting everything fall into place effortlessly.

Without further ado, here are the design ideas for modern and handmade kitchens in London:

  • Handle-Free or Handleless Cabinets

Since modern kitchen design is all about streamlined and clean appearance without any ornamentation, having handle-free kitchen cabinets is a great choice. The handleless cabinet doors are perfect for creating a smooth appearance within your kitchen. This simplistic design looks even better with accent lighting and a stunning, reflective glass splashback.

  • Design Cabinets in Two-Tones

The stylish two-toned cabinet designs are in rage these days, as they look gorgeous in a modern kitchen layout. For instance, you may choose the classic white and black cabinets or modern white and teal, sage green, or any subtle hue to create a perfect two-tone effect on cabinets. This two-tone design looks excellent on cabinets with large horizontal frames for making the space appear elongated visually.

  • Set up a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be the centerpiece of any living space while making a remarkable statement. This kitchen design looks great in an open-plan kitchen, where you can utilise the entire section not only for meal preparation but also for social gatherings.

The small kitchen islands even have ample storage space underneath the countertop. So, you can easily store unwanted kitchen utensils or other cooking accessories within this storage space and make the kitchen appear clean and streamlined. Apart from this, a kitchen island can also be used as an extra food preparation space, or an alternate to your dining table. It sounds like a multi-purpose space.

  • Use Woodwork in Proportion

If you want to use wood but not in a conventional way, make sure that wood is used to form the right balance within the interior. For instance, if you have a U-shaped kitchen layout, you can consider adding wooden cabinets underneath the countertop and keep the rest of the space all-white. The woodwork will add a little warmth to your all-white kitchen. Furthermore, keep the handles minimal as per the simplicity of this kitchen design.

  • One-Wall Kitchen Layout

If you don’t have enough space in your apartment for a modern kitchen layout, don’t be stressed. The best option for you, in this case, is the one-wall kitchen layout. It is a perfect kitchen design for a small condo or apartment. The good news is that it can even help you create a modern kitchen design. How? This kitchen layout embraces the “less is more” design concept that’s compact and minimalistic. This design also signifies a modern kitchen design without much effort.

  • Add Some Bold Colours

Modern kitchen designs are not always pale. You can even experiment with stunning bold colours here while sticking to a neutral colour palette. For instance, you may go for the green, black, silver, red, or blue shades for laminate and acrylic cabinet finishes. Even high-gloss midnight blue is a popular colour for bold modern kitchen designs.

You may even choose a combination of white and maroon if you don’t like vibrant hues. A chequered look is another beautiful kitchen design to consider for a modern layout.

  • Add Glass Splashback

Another right way for enhancing the look of your modern kitchen design is by adding a glass splashback. This material is reflective, beautiful, and highly durable. The toughened glass splashback is tough and highly resistant to stains, heat, scratches, and cracks. Hence, you don’t have to worry about them being damaged due to your kitchen’s environmental factors. Moreover, a glass splashback adds a charming touch to a kitchen design while elevating your mood every time you enter your cooking space.


There are many ways to deck up a creative modern kitchen design in London. Whether you choose a seamless kitchen design or a bold accented wall, you can easily add a modern touch to a kitchen than you imagine. I hope you get inspiration from any modern kitchen ideas to accentuate your cooking area’s visual appeal and functionality. Which kitchen design you found the best? Do share your views with us in the comment section.