Top 10 Trends in Designer Kitchen Tiles


Is the messy kitchen with oily stains and marks on kitchen walls turns your mood off? If yes, you need a new tiling set up for the kitchen space. Along with excellent appearance, other top benefits of installing kitchen dado tiles are easy of clean, water-resistant, and eye-catchy. But you cannot use every tile in every part of your house. To offer a fresh look for your kitchen, go through the list of top trends in designer kitchen tiles and brick cladding range.

The Top 10 Stylish Kitchen Tile Ideas Are As Follows:

  • Designer wall tiles- Creating a perfect combination of modern tiles can completely transform your place’s appearance. Using aesthetic shades of white, black, and grey can never go wrong with any kitchen size and shape. Designer tiles also give a chic look to the entire setup that enhances the overall appearance.
  • Decorative kitchen wall tiles- Eye-catchy shades, intricate patterns, and colorful motifs can make your cooking area look elegant and decent. Using the patterned look like some different designs of uneven shapes and designs can make the backdrop an exciting landscape to view.
  • 3D Kitchen Dado tiles- If you love an artistic play in the kitchen and want to integrate a new depth to the kitchen design, 3D designs can never go wrong. Protruding structure gives them a realistic touch, which makes the entire space very interesting.
  • Country kitchen wall tiles – Do you own the old-style traditional cookware? You can impart a vintage look to the whole place with timeless and rustic tiles that makes the place look classy and cozy.
  • Patterned kitchen tiles- If you are a minimalist and want something stylish and decorative in a smaller space, the kitchen is the best area to give depth to your illusion. Contrasting colors and trendy patterns can personalize your space with your thoughtfulness and personal choices.
  • Exposed Brick cladding- This is one style that can never go wrong with any style and type of kitchen space. It instead lends a natural touch to your kitchen and provides a raw touch to your place.

Other popular options for designer kitchen wall tiles are:

  • Rustic kitchen wall tiles
  • Contemporary kitchen tiles
  • Hexagen kitchen tiles
  • Textured kitchen wall tiles


There are numerous kitchen dado tiles trends in terms of shapes, sizes, patterns, and varieties. You can choose something that goes with the other part of your house and, most importantly, meets your expectations. Kitchen designing a very private affair as you would be the one spending majority of the time over there. This part of your house must spread positivity and good vibes with its overall décor and construction. Hence, you must check out all the latest trends for designer kitchen wall tiles and exposed brick cladding before fixing any of them. Go ahead and sneak through all the above-stated options individually to finalize the best of all!